Hongley Mooncake for Metro Manila Delivery

Hongley Mooncake for Metro Manila Delivery

If you stumbled upon this article, it means it's nearing (or already is) mooncake season. There's also a high chance that you are looking for a mooncake to either give/share or personally consume. If that's the case, you came at the right blog post. 

Hongley is a mooncake brand that I've discovered way back in 2013, and even until today it consistently delivers that freshly-baked goodness. Hence, if there's something that I'd personally recommend, it's going to be this.

Hongley Mooncake Box

Hongley changes its box once in a while, but what stays is the elegance of it. These boxes often come for free when you order at least four (4), or in multiples of it. Below is the selection of its flavors/filling:
  • Lotus Paste
  • Bean Paste
  • White Lotus
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Mixed Nuts w/ Ham
  • Ube Paste (seasonal)

Hongley Mooncakes Philippines

All Hongley mooncakes are freshly baked, and it's evidenced by the moistness and texture of the pastry. The filling is also consistently smooth regardless of whatever it is (e.g. lotus, black bean, etc.), making it a biteful experience!

Hongley's Ube Paste w/ 1 yolk

Ube Paste w/ 1 Yolk - rich and cremy ube filling that will never fail to make the ube-enthusiasts which include me.

Hongley's Special Ube Filling Mooncake

Here's a better photo, so you can see the luscious texture of the ube filling with the vibrantly fresh egg yolk right at its core. Hands-down perfection for this! 

Lotus Paste Mooncake of Hongley

Lotus Paste w/ 1 Yolk - potentially the least, nonetheless, sweet among all the collection of Hongley's mooncakes. Perfect for those who don't want their mooncake too sweet. 

Hongley's Black Bean Paste Mooncake

Bean Paste w/ 1 Yolk - relatively smooth but with added grainy texture from the beans, very delectable as well as I am a fan of black bean. Just look at that tantalizing yolk. Ugh! 

Spread the luck and happiness this Mid-Autumn Festival with Hongley's special and freshly baked mooncakes! Grab one of these now. 

Available only during September to October of the year. 
For any inquiries, you may contact 0917 793 5638, look for Pearl.

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