Rustic Box Express - Tasty Rice Toppings for Delivery!

Rustic Box Express - Tasty Rice Toppings for Delivery!

Craving for rice toppings that will tickle your buds with their savory goodness? Rustic Box Express is what you need. I came across this food business while I was just casually browsing through the pages of Foodpanda. Then, this caught my eyes, and I realized that it had been a while since I last had some rice toppings, so I decided to go for it.

Rustic Box Express in Food Panda

The rice toppings I ordered came in this adorable box that exudes some sort of modern lightly classy appeal. It also came with plastic sporks literally attached to the sides. However, for environmental purpose, you may want to specify in the details to remove the plastic utensils, especially if you'll be eating it at home (since I forgot to do so). 

Rustic Tapa and Egg Rice - Rustic Box

Rustic Tapa and Egg (P170 - Large) - Fluffy eggs wtih savory tapa. The rice is just lightly flavored which will allow you to focus on the tapa goodness. However, if you want the rice itself to be flavorful, I suggest the 2 other below.

Rustic Box's Tapa and Egg Rice Toppings

Steak Salpicao Rice (P240) - Very hefty size with generous mushrooms and beef. The garlicky sauce of the salpicao seeps deep down, making the rice very tasty on its own. 

Steak Salpicao Rice of Rustic Box

Wagyu & Egg Rice (P178) - Authentic wagyu cubes with this special sweet-savory sauce that pairs well with the meat. This is my personal favorite, since I find it special and relatively affordable. The cubes are not as generous as the salpicao, but considering the soaring prices of wagyu cubes, I find it reasonable. Thumbs-up! 

Wagyu and Egg Rice of Rustic Box Express

Should you wish to experience Rustic Box Express, you may discover it in Foodpanda. Go for the Wagyu and Egg. It's the best among what I tried! 

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