Pizza X's Gourmet Quality Frozen Pizza - Home Delivery

Pizza X's  Gourmet Quality Frozen Pizza - Home Delivery

If you are a pizza enthusiast like me, then you understand the inexplicable cravings that will hit you from nowhere. However, you can't just order online, especially if you don't have anyone to share with. Ordering a personal size is often too costly (from the delivery fee), and only a few pizza stores offer such size. Hence, good thing my friend recommended this home business called Pizza X.

Pizza X Frozen Pizza Metro Manila Delivery

Pizza X is an online pizza store that offers personal-sized frozen pizza. Hence, whenever cravings hit, all you need to do is to pull out one 6" pizza from your fridge and pop it into your oven toaster. In just minutes, you are now able to fix your cravings. As quick and satisfying as that! 

Neatly Packed Frozen Pizza of Pizza X

Each personal-sized pizza is wrapped neatly and individually which guarantees the freshness. Currently, there are 6 flavors to choose from which are the following:

Pizza X's Mexican Fix
Chili con Carne, onion and bell pepper - my second favorite!

Pizza X's Angus Xtreme
Angus beef, mushroom, onion and bell pepper

Pizza X's Tropical X
Double smoked bacon, pineapple, onion and bell pepper

Pizza X's Pesto Xcellency
Basil & Malunggay Pesto, White sauce, Cream Cheese and Parmesan - my personal favorite

Pizza X's Pepperoni Xplosion
Smoked Pizza Pepperoni

What I loved about the pizzas was the thin and soft crust. Imagine a pita wrapper, but slightly thicker. That's closest as to the texture and delicateness. This type of crust gives focus on the toppings which are all of high quality, evidenced by their taste! Two-thumbs up! 

Menu of Pizza X
  • 6 Xampler Pizza 6" (P449) - One piece of all flavors: Xtra Cheesy, Tropical X, Angus Xtreme, Pesto Xcellency, Pepperoni Xplosion and Mexican Fix
  • 6 Combo Pizza 6" (P449) - Choose 2 flavors you desire
  • 12 Family Bundle Pizza 6" (P888) - Choose any flavors

Baked Angus Xtreme of Pizza X's Frozen Pizza

How to order Pizza X?
Send a direct message to Pizza X in IG (@pizzax_2020). Pay via cash (on pick up). You may also pay via Paymaya or GCash. Then, you may pick up your order at Corner Bituan and 2 Luntan, Quezon City, 113 Metro Manila. You can now enjoy it at home!

Pesto Xcellency of Pizza X - undoubtedly excellent!

If you are looking for quality home-made pizza, and you want to have something ready anytime your craving hits, then order your frozen pizza from Pizza X! Gourmet quality at the tip of your fingers.

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