MBC Bakes' Salmon Sushi Bake - Extra Creamy and Cheesy!

MBC Bakes' Salmon Sushi Bake - Extra Creamy!

Sushi Bake or Baked Sushi, whichever you are more accustomed with, has taken over the foodie world, and the best thing about it is that each version offers something different. Take MBC Bakes for example, wherein their Salmon Sushi Bake is characterized by immense creaminess and cheesiness. Yes, let's check it out!

Delivery of MBC Bakes - Metro Manila

The sushi bake was delivered in a mint condition, and it came with this note on re-heating instructions just in case you'll be saving it for later. Let me share here the instruction. You'll never know when it will be handy. 

Set your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Pre-heat your oven for 5 minutes. Heat your Sushi Bake for 5-10 minutes. Enjoy it hot! 

Large Tray Salmon Sushi Bake

Salmon Sushi Bake Large Tray (P750) comes with 2 nori packs. It has this deeply creamy sauce (a mixture of generous cheese, Japanese mayo and salmon) over a thinner layer of moist rice, perfect for those who want a better ratio of toppings more than the rice. This gives each bite oozing flavors! 

Texture-wise, the multitude of tobiko will give it bursting tickling feel in your buds, making each spoonful to be really worthwhile. 

Large Tray Salmon Sushi Bake of MBC Bakes

Another thing that I really liked about MBC Bakes is how you can customize the spiciness level of your sushi bake, and for me that makes the experience more diverse altogether. 

MBC Bakes Salmon Sushi Bake with Nori

Hands down to this dish. It was so delicious, that it easily bumped off other sushi bakes in my list (especially that I'm very much into cheese and creaminess). 

MBC Bakes Salmon Sushi Bake

If you want a piece of this heavenly dish, you may find them in Instagram (@mbcbakes). Order yours, and indulge yourself! 

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