Eats Good's Homey and Hearty Cheesy Pork Lasagna

Eats Good's Homey and Hearty Cheesy Pork Lasagna

If you are craving for a traditional lasagna that will remind you of a hearty family gathering, you definitely should try Eats Good's Cheesy Pork Lasagna. 

Eats Good Family Delights - Lasagna

Eats Good's Cheesy Pork Lasagna comes in this neat packaging that has a window in it for you to drool as soon as you see it. This kind of packaging is highly commendable because it allows the lasagna to be in perfect shape once it gets delivered to your doorstep. 

Family Size of Eats Good's Cheesy Pork Lasagna

Cheesy Pork Lasagna (P650 - family size, P850 - party size) - this lasagna has this balanced goodness that allows you to enjoy the dish down to the last piece without experiencing any satiation in your palate. The sauce is perfect, and the chunks of pork gives it a mouthful experience. Then, as soon as you take a bite, the toasty yet melty cheese on top bursts in the mouth sealing the homey-hearty goodness! 

Eats Good's Cheesy Pork Lasagna - Nichole Chua

cheesy, meaty, saucy and most of all hearty! 

Plated Cheesy Pork Lasagna of Eats Good

Just look at the layers. You see the sauce drip just right, giving it a firm bite, and that's what I'm always after when it comes to lasagna. 

A closer look of the lasagna - Eats Good by Nichole Chua

Then, just let this image speak regarding the tantalizing cheese:

Ready to delight your palate? Well, how about we check the anatomy of this lasagna. 

For orders, visit their Instagram page (@eatsgood_ph), and follow the instructions in its highlights. You may also check them out in their Facebook page (Eats Good). Grab this hearty dish now!

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