CakeRush - One-Stop Online Shop for Cakes and Other Desserts!

CakeRush - One-Stop Online Shop for Cakes and Other Desserts!

Basque Burnt Cheesecake kept appearing on my feed weeks before my brother & sister celebrated their birthday (yes, they are twins). Hence, as a present, I wanted to give them that cake. After all, loving cheese is part of our genes. However, I stumbled upon a problem, I was not sure where to get it. There were several options floating all over the web, but I got a bit stressed out how I needed to jump platform to platform just to inquire and eventually order. This is why when I heard about CakeRush, I exclaimed to myself  "finally!", though I wish I could have learned about it sooner before my siblings birthday.

CakeRush Online Shop for Cakes and Desserts!
Home page of CakeRush website

What is CakeRush?
CakeRush is a one-stop online shop designed to be the Lazada/Shopee for cakes and other desserts (cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, you name 'em). This means that buying cakes is made easier via this shop. All you need to do is to select the cake or dessert you want from its category. Select the one you like among the options. Check out the item. Pay for it online and hassle-free (credit cards accepted), and receive the item at your chosen address (be it you, or someone else if you want to give it as a gift). 

See it for yourself by visiting the shop now: CakeRush

Ordering Basque Burnt Cheesecake via CakeRush

Another great thing about ordering via CakeRush is it makes scheduling very convenient for you.
In other platforms such as IG, you'll normally need to wait for the seller's response which can be at times inconvenient because they can forget replying due to volume of inquiries and/or orders. However, with CakeRush, you can browse through the calendar to know the delivery dates, and select the time most convenient for you. Best of all, you can order same day delivery for some of their items! 

Oh, another great feature is you can add messages just in case you are buying it for someone else.

Ordering cakes via CakeRush Online Shop

Mine came in neatly packaged in this semi-golden box, with an adorable CakeRush greeting card on top. This cake is provided by Sweet Samthings, one of the participating homegrown bakeries listed in the app. 

Basque Cheesecake by Sweet Samthings

Basque Cheesecake by Sweet Samthings (P1,590) - luscious creamy core with a hint of citrus. Perfect for those who want it dreamy-melty in the middle, and lightly bready on the edges. 

Sweet Samthings's Basque Cheesecake in CakeRush Online Shop

CakeRush - a gamechanger in the desserts scene
I personally believe that CakeRush is a real game-changer. It provides us convenience in multiple aspects (i.e. selection, schedule coordination, and payments) when it comes to ordering desserts. Imagine, you can just go into a single website, and you are already given options (from the 'best' bakeries). Then, you can do all the scheduling within the platform and pay via credit card. Everything happens on a click of a button, and your cravings and/or celebrations are all well-taken care of.  

Go try it out for yourself and visit

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