Nama's Salmon Baked Sushi for Home Delivery

Nama's Salmon Baked Sushi for Home Delivery

Even before the trend for baked sushi exploded last June 2020, Nama has already been providing this delightful invention to its customer, and thus becoming one of the first pioneers of this palate-exploding trend.

Baked Sushi for Metro Manila Delivery - Nama

Nama was recommended to us by a family friend, and soon enough we were ordering a large tray for a one fine Friday afternoon. During that moment (since it has been months since this actually took place), baked sushi was such a new concept for us, which explains why we were all excited when it was being delivered, more so when it actually came in. 

Nama's Salmon Baked Sushi - Large Tray

One large tray (i.e. 8 x 8 inches) of Salmon Baked Sushi with Eel Sauce costs P950, and it's already good for 5-6 pax. It also comes with three (3) packs of nori in olive oil.

Seaweed in Olive Oil for Nama Baked Sushi

Another cool inclusion to the baked sushi was this adorable wooden spoon which you will be using to scoop the baked sushi and roll it up with the nori. 

Adorable Wooden Spoon for Baked Sushi by Nama

This is the salmon baked sushi in action, imagine the dreaminess of that baked goodness on top. 

Heavenly Salmon Baked Sushi by Nama

The combination of salmon, cheese, fish eggs, mango, Japanese mayo and eel sauce among others together with the melt-in-your mouth texture simply produces mouthgasm in each bite. That's all it takes -- one bite, for you to become overly addicted to it. 

All Wrapped-Up Salmon Baked Sushi - NAMA

This Salmon Baked Sushi was definitely a bomb, and even up to now, this still holds the top spot in our list for baked sushi. If this got you curious to try, let me share the Instagram page of Nama where you can find the delivery details and menu. 

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