30 Charlie Kitchen's Artisanal Pizza for Home Delivery

30 Charlie Kitchen's Artisanal Pizza for Home Delivery

Looking for pizza that is different from the usual? Well, you might want to taste 30 Charlie Kitchen's Artisanal Pizza.

30 Charlie Kitchen Home Delivery of Pizza

30 Charlie Kitchen is a newly started home business that aspires to bring a unique pizza experience with its 48-hour slow-rise dough paired with fresh local produce. 

30 Charlie Kitchen's Classic Pepperoni Pizza

I chanced to have a taste of its Classic Pepperoni (P250) and I was captivated by its tantalizing visuals. 

Renz Cheng 30 Charlie Kitchen's

The dough had this interesting grainy texture (infused with moringa bringing you not only goodness but healthiness) which paired well with the richness of the cheese and tomato sauce. The pepperoni, as the star, added this playful saltiness to the overall taste. Very refreshing!

30 Charlie Kitchen's Artisanal Pizza

They have other toppings/flavors to choose from, which you may learn more about by checking their Instagram page @30CharlieKitchen. Try it out and let me know what you think! 

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