Hosaku's Unlimited Yakiniku and Hotpot in SM North Towers

Hosaku's Unlimited Yakiniku and Hotpot in SM North Tower

From the group of restaurants who brought us Macao Imperial Milk Tea comes another concept called Hosaku that fuses yakiniku (or loosely called samgyupsal) and hotpot together. With its first branch opening in SM North Towers, Hosaku aims to bring unlimited delight to customers who are having cravings for both.

Hosaku is located at the ground floor (Level 1) of SM North Towers in front of Cinnabon. It's easy to spot it because of the certain vibrance exuded by the ambiance, and you'll be washed over by this Cherry Blossom inspired mood as you enter the restaurant.

Interior of Hosaku International Buffet, SM North Towers

Another thing that will quickly get your attention as you enter is the spiraling conveyor belt that brings around your hotpot ingredient or yakiniku delights. I'll get more to this a bit later, for now, let's head onto the buffet spread.

Tuna Sashimi of Hosaku International Buffet

Given that Hosaku is generally Japanese, you'll find some of your favorite starters on the spread. During the preview, they have tuna sashimi and assorted rolls. More will be added as soon as Hosaku officially opens up.

Hosaku International Buffet Japanese Rolls

In this section, you'll find the some of the veggie starters and the condiments which you may incorporate in your hotpot. I provided feedback that they may want to expand the condiments, and to include garlic, peanut sauce and raw eggs among others.

Condiments and vegetables in Hosaku Japanese Buffet

There are also a couple of other dishes found on the buffet spread. Selection may vary depending on your visit, but expect no less than 4 dishes to choose from.

Hosaku International Buffet in SM North Towers
Hosaku International Buffet in SM North Towers

Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura is also available, although I wasn't able to take a photo of it because I got pretty excited to check out the personal teppan grill (left side of the photo below) and hotpot cooker (right side of the photo below). These are all found on your own tables.

Hosaku's Yakiniku and Hotpot, Personal in Each Table

For the hotpot, you can choose two different broths. In our case, we chose sukiyaki on the left and regular chicken broth on the right.

Personal hotpot cooker in Hosaku Japanese Restaurant

I mentioned earlier the conveyor belt which brings around the ingredients for your hotpot. This is where it comes in. Colorful plates circulate around the belt, and you can grab whichever pleases your eyes.

Fresh wrapper-less dumpling of Hosaku International Buffet

They have this wrapper-less dumplings, which I really loved. Meaty and fresh! 

Hotpot balls, Hosaku International Buffet

You'll also find the usual balls that go well with your soup. Examples include fish tofu, squid balls, meat balls, fish cylinder and etc.

Unlimited Samgyupsal in Hosaku International Buffet

Of course, our all time-favorite also do a merry-go-round teasing us with their plumpness and juiciness - yakiniku (which is another loose translation of samgyupsal). Keep an eye for these because they are hot on eyes, and once you miss it, the plate will fall on another table.

As a suggestion, you may want to visit Hosaku close to 1:00PM. This way, you won't have a lot of competition for the yakiniku / samgyupsal.

Sizzling yakiniku / samgyupsal in Hosaku International Buffet, SM North

Now, look at them sizzle in front of you!

Alternatively, if you are avoiding fried meat, you may opt to submerge the meat into your hotpot. It adds meaty texture to it, making your soup extra special.

Renz Cheng in Hosaku International Buffet

For the desserts, they are starting off with ice cream collection, and to be expanded based on customer requests and feedback, so make sure to drop off feedback when you begin dining here in Hosaku.

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