Bayview Park Hotel's Breakfast Buffet at P650

Bayview Park Hotel's Breakfast Buffet at P650

Bayview Park Hotel is one of the hotels that I can remember from my childhood, and since that's about two decades from now, I found it interesting to literally a have trip down the memory lane. My mom bought a couple of vouchers online entitling us for a breakfast buffet in the said hotel. Hence, in this blog post, I'll be sharing some of my insights regarding the hotel and the breakfast experience.

Old-fashioned interior of Bayview Park Hotel, Manila

Bayview Park Hotel's facade will often miss the eye as it is now drowned by fancier signage and exterior of nearby buildings. It is indeed true that time often makes you forget, and sadly, Bayview does not seem to be an exemption.

A need to keep up with time
Over the years, I didn't hear any major renovations done on the hotel, and although this may work for those who are charmed by old-fashion ambiance, I fear that someday, people will completely forget. I for one think that in order for the hotel to bring back its glory, it needs to restore and renovate. It can still leverage on its vintage appeal, but they can infuse modern touches to keep it afloat.

Vintage ambiance in Bayview Park Hotel

I'll be honest, upon entering the hotel, it gave me jitters. The old-fashion ambiance was far leaning on the dreary side rather than the attractive one, and maybe it's just me, but there was a bit of discomfort to it.

The dining area is on the immediate left upon entry, and it's accessible via the grilled gate. Thankfully, my mood was uplifted by the warm smiles that greeted us. Interestingly, we needed to wait for about 5 minutes before we were asked to be seated. Then, we were given the go signal.

Salad selection - Breakfast Buffet of Bayview Park

The selection for the breakfast buffet was rather lean -- much so that I was able to take photos of almost everything, missing just the drinks and the soup. The photo above shows you the salad section, where you have a choice between two dressings.

Bread Station of Bayview Park Hotel

There's a bread station showcasing 3 varieties of bread. Beside it, you'll find slices of cheese, marmalade and strawberry jam. Just in case you are not a bread person, you have the option to have cereals instead.

Cereals, cheese, bread in Bayview's Breakfast Buffet

The jams looked tantalizing so I made sure to try. Thankfully, it was satisfying. The bread however pulled it down a bit, but the jams were lovely.

Jams on toasted bread - Breakfast Buffet, Bayview Hotel

For more carbs, they have pancakes and hash browns. Both are good when freshly served.

Pancakes and Hash brown of Bayview Park Hotel

For the protein, they have luncheon meat, sausages, bangus and scrambled egg.

Luncheon meat and sausages - Breakfast Buffet of Bayview

Food temperature was a bit problematic here. If your timing is off, you'll end up eating air-dried luncheon meat and sausages. Just make sure you are attentive for refills because they are served warm/hot, and they make a huge difference.

In fact, despite the limited choices here, most of the items are good but only if they are served warm/hot.

Daing na bangus and scrambled egg of Bayview Park Hotel

Overall, the experience is considerably okay, although I found myself too distracted by the missed potential of the hotel. I just feel that they can do so much more, and I believe that if they do, people will be flocking over. 

Breakfast plate - enjoying buffet of Bayview Park Hotel

Bayview Park Hotel - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: The ratings reflect my collective personal experiences on the times I dine here.
Ambiance: ★★★
Variety: ★★
Service: ★★★★
Price/Value: ★★★
Budget: P650 nett
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 2 || Date of latest visit - March 11, 2020

Bayview Park Hotel may have some charm hidden up its sleeve as some may find the vintage ambiance captivating. While it didn't work its charm for me, it may for others. As for the breakfast buffet, I'd say that it's pretty decent. Yes, options are too limited, but it has the potential to be enjoyable when you find them freshly served. Plus, you may want to maximize vouchers online. They may help you avail the buffet for less than P400, and that's way more sulit than the P650 nett for the walk-in price.

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Bayview Park Hotel
Location: 1118 Roxas Boulevard, corner United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila, Metro Manila
Service Charge: Included in the P650 rate
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