Rackshack's Delicate Ribs and Special Sauce - Must-Try!

Rackshack's Delicate Ribs and Special Sauce - Must-Try!

The first memory I have of Rackshack was when it was provided as a lunch meal back when I was working in Bank of China. I remembered how I experienced love at first bite. This encounter also literally stung via the sauce that came with the pulled pork. I wanted to have a second encounter but destiny was amiss.

Almost a year after, I found myself scouting Ayala Circuit for a lunch place. The moment I caught glimpse of Rackshack, I immediately made up my mind. It was time for that overdue reunion. Let's go check it out! 

Rackshack Restaurant - ribs and steaks in Circuit Mall

Rackshack's ambiance has a dash of country, which I guess is due to its association with steaks and ribs. It's practically casual and comfy which makes the restaurant great for a friendly meet-up, barkada eat-out or family get-together.

Rackshack interior in Circuit Mall, Makati

For this visit, I only had one dish, so pardon me for that. However, I feel that it's sufficient to have a feel of the entire menu here in Rackshack.

Rackshack Classic Rib Double

The Rackshack Classic Ribs Double (P580) had this fall-off-the-bones tenderness. It was rightly seasoned allowing me to savor the smokey flavor. However, what really elevated my experience was the sauces of Rackshack.

Spicy Mother Sauce and Mother Sauce of Rackshack

There were more than 5 kinds of sauce to choose from, and each had an amazing touch to the ribs.  The Spicy Mother Sauce bites, while the Carolina Gray had this tangy sweet mustard taste.

Renz Cheng in Rackshack, Circuit Mall

Rackshack - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: The ratings reflect my collective personal experiences on the times I dine here.
Ambiance: ★★★★
Taste: ★★★★★
Service: ★★★★
Price/Value: ★★★★
Budget: approx. P300 each for a personal meal with drink
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of latest visit - January 10, 2019

Rackshack made me remember my first encounter having the ribs and their sauce touch my palate. Thankfully, even though this experience is a year apart, Rackshack was able to demonstrate consistency. This easily earned a special spot as my second favorite ribs, next to Racks. I'd surely come back for more! 

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Location: G/F Circuit Lane, Riverfront Dr, Circuit Makati, Metro Manila
Service Charge: 10% before VAT
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