Old Swiss Inn Restaurant's Captivating Old-Fashioned Charm

Old Swiss Inn Restaurant's Old-Fashion Charm in Makati

Old Swiss Inn withstood the test of time despite the rise (and eventual fall) of new food concepts. Even after more than 70 years of operations, it remains to be a timeless restaurant with a great base of loyal customers, and continues to attract even more so.

Interior of Old Swiss Inn Restaurant, Somerset Hotel, Makati

The place is like a time capsule. Nostalgic.

Captivating old-fashioned charm
Old Swiss Inn is tucked within Somerset Hotel in Makati, and with European inspirations embedded in the hotel’s structure, walking into the restaurant is like walking in a downtown alley and discovering a hole-in-the-wall dining. Mix this with the quaint overall, and you get this lovely old-fashioned charm. It’s no wonder why Old Swiss Inn’s customers keep coming back. The place is like a time capsule. Nostalgic.

Raclette in Old Swiss Inn Restaurant, Makati

A more ‘historic’ Old Swiss Inn in Paco
There’s also another branch of Old Swiss Inn located in Paco, which I heard has a more old-fashioned look. Wedding receptions are typically held there due to its captivating interior.

Anyway, I have yet to explore that branch, but for now let’s continue with this one in Makati.

Wine nights in Old Swiss Inn, Makati City

Why visit Old Swiss Inn?
Aside from the captivating ambiance, Old Swiss Inn serves to be one of the chillest place in Makati where you can escape the chaos of the city. Given that it's slightly tucked within the vicinity of Somerset, the city noise is muffled out. This makes the restaurant a fantastic place to have a fine date or a get together. Maybe even over wine? Expect to see couples dating, group of friends catching up with each other, families celebrating.

Old Swiss Inn Restaurant Dishes, Makati City

What are the dishes to try in Old Swiss Inn? 
The ultimate bestseller is the Corned Beef (P690). It can be even called as the restaurant's pride dish. The meat of this Corned Beef is extremely tender, and quickly disintegrates to delicate shreds as it lands on your tongue. The smokey meaty flavor effectively seeped into the fibers which give it a very distinct taste.

Old Swiss Inn's Famous Corned Beef

Gnagi (P860)
Coined as a European crispy pata, the Gngai is another bestseller here in Old Swiss Inn. It's basically cured pork knuckles, boiled and then baked, served with sauerkraut and boiled potatoes. It comes with a savory sauce that further perks up this dish.

Old Swiss Inn's Gnagi Dish - Pork Knuckles

Raclette Grill (P850 - P1,490)
The restaurant is also known for its cheese which include the raclette. All Raclette grills are good for 2-3.

Old Swiss Inn's Raclette Grill

Waatlander Fondue (P1,031)
The classic Swiss Cheese Fondue: bread cubes with melted Gruyere and Emmenthal Cheese dip.This one is recommended only for those who appreciates sophisticated flavors given the wine-like tang of the cheese.

Waatlander Fondue (Swiss Cheese) in Old Swiss Inn Restaurant

Classic Toblerone Chocolate Fondue (P650)
A stellar bestseller. This chocolate fondue is extremely special because it uses 100% melted Toblerone chocolate (choice of milk, dark or white): pure Swiss Chocolate with honey and almond nougat. A child's favorite. A grown-ups indulgence.

Famous Classic Toblerone Chocolate Fondue of Old Swiss Inn

There are a lot of interesting dishes to explore here in Old Swiss Inn, and my personal favorites are the Gnagi and Raclette. How about you?  What dish/es captured your attention?

For the full menu of Old Swiss Inn, you may refer to this page in their website - Menu - Old Swiss Inn. If you want more information about the restaurant, you may check their website as well. They normally announce their promos their too. Interestingly, you may also book a table using their website. Visit it now! 
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