Menya Kokoro's 'Dry Ramen' in Uptown Mall, BGC

Menya Kokoro's 'Dry Ramen in Uptown Mall, BGC

Noodle-lovers, this is a time to rejoice because something new, exciting and mouthwatering has landed here in Metro Manila -- Menya Kokoro! Originally from Japan, this restaurant serves what we call "dry ramen" -- brothless yet full of rich flavors to delight all sides of your palate!

Menya Kokoro's Tokyo Mazesoba

Menya Kokoro breathes in new life to the noodle scene especially by redefining a new ramen experience -- a brothless bowl of noodles, condiments and toppings all giving this richer adventurous flavors that will definitely tickle the buds.

Menya Kokoro in Uptown Mall, BGC

You can find the first branch of Menya Kokoro at the third floor of Uptown Mall in BGC, and two additional branches are expected to open this 2019. Let's stay tuned.

Servers and chefs of Menya Kokoro, Philippines

There are 6 variants of dry ramen (or typically called mazesoba) here in Menya Kokoro, each offering distinct characteristics. Prices were as of July 2019. 
The Vegan Mazesoba (P380) is a specially-curated dish for people with specific preference, and that is of course, vegetables
Vegan Mazesoba of Menya Kokoro

The Curry Mazesoba (P430) harnesses the rich dynamic flavor of curry which mixes well with the other elements in the bowl. Plus, this comes spicy (which you can adjust depending on your tolerance) that further highlights the taste
Curry Mazesoba of Menya Kokoro Philippines

If  you are the type of foodie who likes it always extra, then the Zenbu Mazesoba (P470) is for you. Just look at all the ingredients mixed into this bowl
Zenbu Mazesoba of Menya Kokoro, Philippines

The Tokyo Mazesoba (P350) is the standard mazesoba, with which you may want to order if you are new to this type of dish. It gives a rich combination of meaty, savory and rightly seasoned flavors 
Tokyo Mazesoba of Menya Kokoro, Philippines

The Cheese Mazesoba (P430) provides a more dynamic choice especially for cheese-lovers. However, it's more than just the cheese itself. It's actually how it interacts with other elements giving the bowl a salty and creamy kick 
Cheese Mazesoba of Menya Kokoro in Uptown Mall, BGC

The photo below is taken right before I devoured the Cheese Mazesoba. It got a little sloppy, but that's the beauty of having this dish. You can be as sloppy as you can get as you slurp because that's how you truly show appreciation to the mazesoba.

Renz Cheng with Cheese Mazesoba, Menya Kokoro

Now what's more interesting about Menya Kokoro is that their side dishes are as exciting as their mazesoba.
The Takoyaki (P140) is an unexpected gem of Menya Kokoro. Everyone raved about how this gave a rather different yet playful takoyaki experience. I personally loved how it was fried giving it more texture and emphasizing the tang of the sauce and Japanese mayonnaise 
Fried Takoyaki of Menya Kokoro, Uptown Mall

The Gyoza Cheese (P219 for 5 pieces) delights with a crisp exterior that turns tender after it breaks. Then a subtly cheesy core explodes to give a satisfying experience 
Gyoza Cheese of Menya Kokoro

At the end of the tasting experience, everyone was sharing how different and unique the experience was. It's not ramen, and it's not your typical soba. It lies in the middle, but it's more than that as it was able to carve its own space in the spectrum -- a new innovation to enjoy!

The KTG in Menya Kokoro, Uptown Mall with Myles Sia

Menya Kokoro is located at the 3/F of Uptown Mall, BGC. Grab a bowl now and experience this fresh new noodle experience in Menya Kokoro. See you there!
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