Pizza Express Launches International Flavors in Philippines

Pizza Express Launches International Flavors in Philippines

Great news, pizza lovers! Pizza Express has just launched 5 new international flavors that will surely add variation to our pizza cravings.

It's very understandable that sometimes, having the same flavors over and over again mellows down the excitement. Even if we keep saying that we'll never get tired of pizza, there are still moments that we, in fact, do. However, this is where Pizza Express comes in. With the new flavors from Singapore, Indonesia and China, we can have "playful" variations that will allow our palates to be refreshed.

Pizza Express in Uptown Mall, BGC

About Pizza Express
Just to refresh us once again -- Pizza Express is an iconic restaurant chain that originated from the United Kingdom. Ever since it started in 1965, it has already been providing handmade happiness through its amazing pizza dishes.

Now, just before we dive into the 5 new flavors, I'll recap again some of the noteworthy classics here in Pizza Express.

Baked Dough Balls of Pizza Express

You may (or may not) know this, but Pizza Express is very much known for its soft and irresistibly tasty dough. This in turn makes their pizza really great, but there's another way of enjoying the dough, and this can be via their Baked Dough Balls (P195).

Each bite is characterized by a delicate fluffiness, marked by the balanced flavor of the sourdough. Excellent!

Truffle Parmesan and Mushroom Dip of Pizza Express

If you want to further level up your dough experience, you can order this another bestseller -- Truffle Parmesan and Mushroom Dip (P285). The combination of cheese and truffle paste just makes this potently good! A must-try!  

Mozzarella Tomato Salad of Pizza Express

If you want something healthier/lighter for appetizer, you may want to go for the Mozzarella Tomato Salad (P275). You'll be able to taste fresh mozzarella and their signature pesto sauce.

Okay, I've already made you wait long enough, so let's unveil the new flavors.

The first one up is the Peking Duck Romana. It has this potent oriental flavor that closely resembles the Chinese specialty (i.e. Peking Duck). Think of hoisin sauce, mix that up with some cucumbers and elements of a pizza. It can be an odd combination for some, but it's differently new for my palate.

Chili Crab Romana of Pizza Express

The Chili Crab Romana is a blessing for seafood and spicy-food lovers. It has a combination of crab sticks, mantou croutons and chili (which you may adjust depending on your preference).

Laksa Romana of Pizza Express

The Laksa Romana comes with a fresh blend of seafood and coconut milk in its taste. The cheese seals in the goodness, and each bite explodes with extreme laksa goodness. This is my second favorite among the 4 new flavors. 

Chicken Satay Romana of Pizza Express

The Chicken Satay Romana features a peanut-enriched barbecue chicken (known as the Satay) mixed with sweet red onions and mozzarella.

Rendang Classic of Pizza Express

The Rendang Classic is my ultimate favorite among the 5 new flavors. It has this richly creamy base as sauce which goes perfectly with how the tender the rendang is. The meat is also enriched by a savory and creamy coconut milk goodness, making this not only a palatable experience but a "cultural" one.

So what are you waiting for? Let your taste buds unwind with a set of refreshing international flavors here in Pizza Express, which you can find at the ground floor of Uptown Mall in Bonifacio Global City.
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