Chichario: South's New Spanish-Filipino Restaurant & Bar

Chichario: South's New Spanish-Filipino Restaurant & Bar

South gets more chill with the addition of Chichario in its food scene. Located in Molito Complex of Alabang, Chichario is a modern Spanish-Filipino restaurant serving comfort dishes such as quesadilla, tacos and sisig. On top of this (literally), you’ll find Chicha’s Hideout which is a dedicated bar for all your boozeful needs. Let me walk you through a bit.

Chichario Restaurant in Molito, Albang

Chichario recently launched this March 2019, and it definitely entered with a bang. Lots of south peeps seem to enjoy the concept, and the chill AF ambience of the place.

Neon signage in Chichario, Alabang

The funny thing is, though it’s Spanish-Filipino inspired, the interior resembles that of Netflix’s Riverdale. There is some fun to it yet exudes a dark shroud of mystery. I guess, this heightens the appeal of the restaurant.

Chicha's Hideout in Molito, Alabang

Things turn more interesting as you walk up the stairs to Chicha’s Hideout. You’ll experience a build-up of sensation -- similar to movies/series, the suspense right before discovering a possible “murder scene” (applicable only at night, so I recommend going here during this time). Of course, this can be an exaggeration from an overly imaginative person. The point is, the interior is awesome!

Interior of Chicha's Hideout, Chichario

For the dishes, they blended Spanish and Filipino taste-cultures, and came up with something familiar yet uniquely different at the same time.

Chichario's Spanish Filipino Sisig

Take their sisig for example, which used a Spanish-based spice instead of a siling labuyo. This gave it a tangy spicy taste to it. Plus, the sisig is enjoyably crunchy as you take a bite. Let’s make that plural because you won’t be satisfied with just one bite.

Chichario's quesadilla with pesto sauce

The quesadilla would look like your typical quesadilla, but once you munch on it, you’ll taste a hint of pesto that makes a difference.

Chichario's special Peri-Peri Chicken

The peri-peri chicken would appeal to those who like their chicken to be moist and glazed with a sauce. It also comes with 3 homemade dips – chimichurri, red bell pepper paste, and garlic aioli (my personal favorite).

Chichario's special Peri-Peri Chicken

There are other dishes to discover, so I leave the exploration to you.

Chichario’s hip yet “dark” ambiance has the power to captivate our senses, allowing us to experience a different dining experience. For me, more than the food itself, you’ll be enjoying the overall experience chilling here in Chichario. Hence, experience it for yourself! 
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