4 Things that Changed RAP Steaks and Cakes Forever

4 Things that Changed RAP Steaks and Cakes Forever

After almost 5 years away from DLSU, I finally came back to check out some restaurants I frequented to back in college. One of which is RAP Steaks and Cakes, which apparently goes with a new identity -- Mr. Gruby's Diner. While they still have the ever-putok-batok goodness of the buttery gravy, a lot has changed, and sadly things wouldn't be the same. Let's look at these changes.

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#1 The Name Change
The restaurant used to be commonly referred to as "RAPs". While this may still be true, it no longer sounds appropriate because the name of the restaurant changed into a less iconic one. The new name is Mr. Gruby's Diner.

Steak in Mr. Gruby's Diner in DLSU

#2 Just steaks and no more cakes
Along with the steaks, another classic favorite here in RAP's (or should I say, Mr. Gruby's) was the revel bar. They were so good, enough to seal in the fantastic dining experience. It never failed to cheer us up whenever we felt stressed (or whenever we got low/failing grades). Likewise, we celebrated victories here as, and we feasted on the revel bars like Kings. Unfortunately, they don't have those anymore.

#3 Unfriendly prices
We get it, there's this thing called inflation, but it seemed like Mr. Gruby got too fond if it. When I entered college, one steak was just around P169. Right before I left college, it was a little above P200. Now, the steaks range from P272 to P341.

Would you believe that the chicken lollipop now is P235 per order?

Special Worcester that goes well with the gravy of RAPs

#4 Unlimited rice
To compensate for the other changes (most especially the increase in prices), all the steak meals come with unlimited rice. You can literally eat rice and gravy, if you are pigging out.

Steaks of Mr Gruby's (formerly RAP) with gravy and Worcestershire sauce

You can eat so much of the gravy, that you can literally drop asleep with the putok-batok fatty goodness!

Putok-batok goodness of gravy in Mr. Gruby's (RAP)

With all these changes, the restaurant somehow felt like an entirely different place, but thankfully upon tasting the gravy and the steak, I was pulled right back down the memory lane. I realized that despite the changes (and hurting my budget), it was still a foodtastic experience. Let's just hope people can willingly embrace these changes.

How about you? What do you think about the 4 new things here in Mr. Gruby? Leave a comment below.
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