Cafe Noriter's in Taft - will it still be a timeless classic?

Cafe Noriter's Korean-Inspired Cafe in Taft Avenue

Noriter has been a home for students of three colleges/universities. It was one of the first cafes to integrate Korean inspirations into every aspect of the restaurant - menu, ambiance, overall experience. In fact, it has become a house name for a place "so comforting and relaxing" -- a classic reaching numerous cycles of graduates. However, with the 'oldness of the cafe', the rise of fresher concepts and the constant shifts in preferences, is Noriter bound to remain timeless?

Let's hyporhesize.

Cafe Noriter Logo in Taft Avenue

Light quakes
When we got to the place last January 2019, the first thing we noticed was the light quakes we felt during our whole stay. It felt like we were on top of a washing machine (although of less magnitude). Still, it made us feel uncomfortable with all the continuous shaking.

I may be wrong, but it wasn't there before, and it just somehow contradicts the supposed "comfort and peace" here in Noriter.

Korean inspired Cafe in Taft Avenue - Noriter
Korean inspired photos and other elements - Cafe Noriter

Old building
It was very appealing at first (and probably it still is), but the "oldness" of the building might be turning into a liability rather than an asset.

With the wooden overall of the building, things are starting to look more dilapidated. The stairs and the floor were creaks awkwardly as we walked our way to the cafe. Also, this may also be linked to the light quakes we were feeling. Perhaps, the flooring started to weaken and thus became more sensitive to the vibrations from the exhaust pipes below.

I fear that it's only a matter of time when this building either gets restored/renovated or entirely replaced, but both would mean closing down the cafe.

Wooden interiors of Cafe Noriter in Taft Avenue

Energy conservation
While this is a good move for the environment, it certainly wasn't when we speak of customer experience. We came to the place rather warm, and since heat was extreme outside, the temperature was magnified. I browsed around and found out that not all A/C units were either turned on or operational.

It was so far off from the mental picture I had of Cafe Noriter. I imagined it to be cool (like K-weather) just how I previously enjoyed it. Unfortunately, that didn't manifest.

Cafe Noriter's very intricate K-pop details inside the cafe

Still despite the observation I was having, I really enjoyed the novelty of having a chandelier inside the toilet. I guess this is how royalties pee inside their huge lavatories.

Chandelier inside a restroom in Cafe Noriter

Falling food quality
Before the world of food became cut-throat competitive, having a great ambiance with "okay" food was a thing. However, with the rise of extreme standardization (although often times false and extravagant), restaurants need to keep up to par with all aspect -- ambiance, food and service, and even price. Cafe Noriter's beverages and cakes are adorable, but there should more than what meets the eye.

Prices of beverages in Cafe Noriter, Taft Avenue

Frappe Blended Coffee of Cafe Noriter
Frappe Blended Coffee of Cafe Noriter

Strawberry Smoothie of Cafe Noriter
Strawberry Smoothie (P180)

Frappe Blended Coffee of Cafe Noriter
Frappe Blended Coffee of Cafe Noriter

By the way, there are a few board games available here in Cafe Noriter, so if your next class is hours away, feel free to burn time here.

Board games in Cafe Noriter in Taft

In a nutshell
With these observations (although potentially hasty), Cafe Noriter now has the risk to slumber and be overtaken by a fresher and more up-to-date concepts. However, as homage for being contributory to the success of those who "grew up" here, let's keep enjoying this classic while it lasts!

What are your thoughts of the cafe? What are the most memorable moments you had here? Don't be shy, and share them by commenting them below.
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