Arla Pro: Collaboration with Restaurants and Top Chefs

Arla Pro: Collaboration with Restaurants and Top Chefs

We've known Arla as a house name when it comes to dairy needs (e.g. cheese, milk, etc.) for home-cooking. While it still aims to bring delight in every kitchen at home, Arla just recently leaped further into the food industry by the launching of Arla Pro.

The Arla Pro Project for Food businesses

What is Arla Pro?
Arla Pro is all about building effective collaborations to create better food and promote better business. Its mission is to support the growth and success of its partners by offering effective solutions. Arla Pro is not just about supplying products. It goes beyond its top-class products by also offering personalized service, strong foodservice expertise, innovative support, and market insight resources.

Ultimately, Arla Pro hopes to come up with innovative products, develop marketing concepts, and create new trends in dairy consumption with its partners.

Chefs in action during the Arla Pro launch

Right during the official launch, top chefs shared their secrets in cooking up specialty dishes with the use/infusion of Arla products.

Arla Pro Launching in Green Sun Hotel

Arla Pro envisions to flourish success built on quality products and mentorship. Some of the products of Arla are found below, but there are still a wide collection of other products included in Arla Pro.

Arla Products and Cheese
Arla Products and Cheese

Now, here are some of the dishes showcased during the launch of Arla Pro:

Soft Polenta with Mushrooms Emmental and Mozzarella Cheese - Arla Pro
Soft Polenta with Mushrooms Emmental and Mozzarella Cheese

Prawn Thermidore Ramen with Arla Milk
Prawn Thermidore Ramen with Arla Milk

Regardless of whether you are a home-consumer or a restaurant-owner, Arla has a range of products to offer.

Since I'm not restaurant-owner, I get to enjoy Arla for my home cooking. In fact, in our recent cook off in my friend's house, I picked Arla's Feta Cheese, and it really completed the bruschetta we made.

Arla Feta Cheese

This is the finished product after topping the bruschetta with the feta cheese. The flavor was so rich that it sealed in spices in each bite.

Bruschetta with Arla's Feta Cheese

Arla products are available in most grocery stores, while Arla Pro is exclusively sold in S&R Membership Clubs nationwide.
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