Scrumptious PH's Dark "Ice Age Moist Chocolate" - must try!

Scrumptious PH's Deep Dark Chocolate Cake

On the afternoon of my birthday, at approximately 1:10 PM, I received a special package from Scrumptious PH. When I got hold of the box, which was still cold from the chilling, kinilig ako. As Marie Kondo puts it, the box (and the cake within) sparked joy, and right there I knew it contained some great stuff!

Box of Scrumptious PH Cake and Munchies
Scrumptious PH sweet message along with the package

I brisk walked my way back to my area as I excitedly untied the ribbon, but before I revealed what was inside, I set it aside first, and decided to try first the Cocoa Munchies (P45 - 5 pieces | P80 - 9 pieces) that went along with the package. This was a trick on myself to build up suspense.

I opened the smaller box and it featured these cocoa-enriched munchies that looked undoubtedly tantalizing. I grabbed a piece, and the delicate cocoa powder clung onto my fingers. I brought the ball up to my mouth, and I downed it whole, liking my fingers in the process.

Cocoa Munchies of Scrumptious PH

I realized that I underestimated the muchies because they were dense (i.e. not just made up of air but of full brownie-like core) yet retained moisture to make each bite “melty”.

Renz Cheng and Choco Munchies of Scrumptious PH

I shared the balls to my friends afterwards, then proceeded with the main event.

Scrumptious PH's delectable choco munchies

Ice Age Moist Chocolate Cake (P550 - Small | P820 - Medium)
The first thing I noticed about the cake was the packaging.

The cake came with this box that I consider "sexy". It looked like a convertible wherein the top glides backward as you open it. Upon finally revealing the content, I saw something really drool-worthy!

Scrumptious PH's Ice Age Moist Chocolate Cake

Embellished with white chocolate on the sides and walnut bits on top, this deeply dark chocolate cake is a definite “eye candy”. But the goodness goes beyond what meets the eye. When I took a spoonful, I felt the cold layer of bitter-sweet goodness of the chocolate icing. It was not your typical icing. It was dense, creamy and oh-so-good like a melted semi-melted dark chocolate. The cake itself was considerably moist (though refrigerating diminishes the moisture, but I doubt there will be anything left to refrigerate), and it went well with the richness of the chocolate goodness in between the layers. To sum it all up, it was a decadent cake!

Scrumptious PH's Ice Age Moist Chocolate Cake

Since I’m a fan of cakes that are not excessively sweetened, I really couldn’t help but take more bites. I went crazy, and it completely made my (birth) day.

A Not-So-Popular Kid with his decadent cake from Scrumptious PH

The cakes are not available yet elsewhere, but you can have a bite of this amazingly done cakes by Abby and PH via Scrumptious PH. For orders, you may check out their IG (@scrumptious_ph) and reach them via mobile at 09178890771.

Dive into the deepness of the chocolate goodness or make someone else's day with this amazing cake!
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