Romantic Baboy's Unlimited Samgyupsal + Cheese for P499!

Romantic Baboy's Unlimited Samgyupsal + Cheese for P499!

Friendship, when it has made an impact, lasts, and thankfully I got to meet a few bunch in SGV where I previously worked. Through the spirit of Christmas, we decided to catch up and have an early New Year Celebration in Romantic Baboy of SM Light Mall.

I arrived in the place slightly earlier than the agreed time of 6:00 PM. It was convenient by the way since I just needed to take an MRT ride to Boni Station. Then there's already a bridge linking the station to SM Light Mall. Tama nga si Jieza, "isang tambling lang from MRT". Since I was the first one to arrive, I listed my name in the long queue. We were 29th already on the list, and it was just 5:50 PM by then.

Romantic Baboy in SM Light Mall in Boni MRT

By 7:00 PM we were already complete, but we were still 4th on the list, and it was only about 7:15 PM when my name was called up. Hence, in total we needed to wait for about 1.5 hours for our turn.

Interior of Romantic Baboy Korean Grilling in SM Light Mall

The interior was considerably cool (though unavoidably “foggy”) despite the presence of multiple grills. All thanks to the good ventilation that made this possible. The rest of the fixture all follow the “standard k-grill place” — modernized tables and chairs, television screens playing k-pop MVs, pull-down vents and etc. What I’m saying is that it’s all comfy and chill here in Romantic Baboy. Also, I don’t think people would mind the ambiance that much. After all, it’s the unli meat and cheese we eye for! 

Emil Ong and Jieza Varela in Romantic Baboy

Of course, all of us availed the Unlimited Pork + Beef for only P499. This price already included the unlimited sides and cheese as well, so it was totally a reasonable price. In fact, it would end up as the most sulit unlimited k-grilling place I've been to.

Charcoal grill of Romantic Baboy - Unlimited Samgyupsal

The grill is lit by charcoal, and we were able to feel the intensity of the heat. It took a while before our pan gets installed, so we really got even more excited to try everything here in Romantic Baboy.

Romantic Baboy's unlimited egg and cheese

Two of the things that made Romantic Baboy famous (and perhaps go beyond its top competitor - Samgyupsalamat) were the steamed eggs on the grill, and the dreamy creamy cheese! And again, these are all unlimited! So you can eat cheese to your heart's content.

Anna De Jesus, Melle Tengco, Mika Cortez in Romantic Baboy

Initially, our group was separated onto two tables, but the servers were very warm in accommodating our request of combining us should the adjacent seats free up (which it eventually did 10 minutes after).

Grilling samgyupsal in Romantic Baboy, Light Mall

This meaty slab of pork came in all vibrant which suggested great quality. This is something I really adored here in Romantic Baboy -- all of the meat we had were of excellent quality! It was evident in the taste and texture after grilling.

More pork samgyupsal in Romantic Baboy

While waiting, we munched all the side dishes which include a light salad, fish cakes, japchae and of course kimchi!

Golden brown samgyupsal (cooked) in Romantic Baboy

After grueling minutes of torture (as we were all waiting with so much eagerness for the pork to be cooked), it finally came all golden brown. This further solidified my observation of how great the quality of the meat here in Romantic Baboy.

Unlimited lettuce and garlic for samgyupsal in Romantic Baboy

Of course, the unlimited covers everything which includes the lettuce, garlic and condiments (sesame oil, chili bean paste, regular bean paste).

Spicy Beef in Romantic Baboy - SM Light Mall

One of our favorites was the Spicy Beef which was oozing with bold flavors. It was not as spicy as it seemed, but the flavors were definitely sealed into the meat fibers.

Cooking spicy beef in Romantic Baboy - Unlimited Korean BBQ

At this point, things are already beginning to get sloppier by the minute, but the sloppier it got, the tastier and better the experience was!

Sloppier the better in Romantic Baboy's Unlimited BBQ

By the way, the cheese was very sensational for me. Despite tasting like Eden, it really blended so well with all the meats! I know it was not good for the health, but it was just one night, and I wanted to go all out. Hence, we had numerous refills of the cheese. My body probably consisted 33% cheese that night! 

Korean barbecue (BBQ) and cheese in Romantic Baboy

I totally loved the experience here in Romantic Baboy! The meat were all awesome -- excellent quality and nice cuts! Plus, there was cheese on the side that made the taste of the meat more sinful yet more pronounced.

Alame Dael, Emil Ong and Jieza Varela in Romantic Baboy

Before we ended, I got to discuss with my friends the inception of "Hobby Day" wherein we will be spending our free common Saturday in exploring something new or fun (or both) in a form of a hobby/activity. They gave a positive feedback, and we ended up scheduling our first Hobby Day on the first Saturday of 2019. This made Romantic Baboy even more memorable for us!

I'll be sharing about this "Hobby Day" in my Travel Blog, so stay tuned as well, and follow The Wander Kid Travels.

Romantic Baboy - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings reflect my personal experiences on the times I dine here.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: at least P499 each for unlimited samgyupsal, side dishes and cheese
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of first visit - December 29, 2018 

Romantic Baboy may in fact be the Best Unlimited Korean BBQ place in the entire Metro Manila. They further ignited the craze by disrupting the market with the infusion of cheese in the meat-fest. Ambiance here is conducive to the entire dining experience, and it was sufficiently ventilated. You'll still catch the smell of course. On top of all, service though not fast was amazing! Highly recommended!

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Romantic Baboy
Location: Ground Floor, SM Light Mall, Madison, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Service Charge: NONE

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