Getting Delivery from 'Pizza Express' Restaurant via Honestbee

Getting Delivery from 'Pizza Express' Restaurant via Honestbee

Days before my birthday, I heard pizza calling my name, and since there was an excuse for it, I heeded its call. On my actual birthday, I was ordering Gino's Brick Oven Pizza (read more) via Honestbee, but I got a little disappointed since it was unavailable for that particular day. Based on Honestbee's page Gino's was "closed".

Attack on the pizza! -- Pizza Express

Pizza. That's all I wanted. Hence, I searched for alternatives. Moments after, my heart skipped a bit when I saw Pizza Express (read more) in the listing. I dined here before in Uptown Mall, and I remember liking their pizza, so I thought to myself that it was a good alternative.

Renz Cheng's Birthday celebration in 2019, BGC

I placed an order of 4 boxes of pizza in the page around 12:40 PM , and I chose "Order for Later", since I planned to have them at 4:00 PM. I got amused of this functionality of Honestbee.

Oh, by the way, since my order reached the P1,500 threshold, the delivery was made free of charge.

Honestbee's food delivery service

By 3:30 PM, I received a phone call from our receptionist, and apparently the delivery came ahead of time.

Boxes of Pizza Express delivered through Honestbee

Now, when I saw the boxes, I'll be honest, I got disappointed and worried. Disappointed because I didn't know that the pizza was that small. Worried because I wasn't sure whether it would be enough for a team of 8.

However, those feelings quickly changed upon opening the boxes. The pizza looked vibrant and delish which gave an impression of "great quality", and that somehow justified the price.

Pomodoro Pesto Pizza of "Pizza Express"

The Pomodoro Pesto Pizza (P395) was the ultimate star, stealing the spotlight from the birthday boy (i.e. me). It got this tangy sweetness from the sauce mixed with a distinct yet harmonious touch of pesto. It's a classic example of "simple yet elegant". 

I also had a few others such as the La Reine Pizza (P370)Fiorentina Pizza (P380) and Sloppy Giuseppe Pizza (P410). All of which were amazing, though not as dreamy as the Pomodoro Pesto Pizza. However, considering that this was just "delivery", the pizza were still excellent. I bet it'll be perfect when I get this fresh out of oven. I'm looking forward to dine in once again in Pizza Express.

Renz Cheng celebrating birthday in BGC Office

Ordering pizza is now easy-breezy via Honestbee. With just a few tap on my mobile, I was able to schedule delivery for my birthday pa-pizza. Pizza Express, though was not my first choice, proved itself that they serve handmade goodness! I just couldn't get over the Pomodoro Pesto Pizza!

PS: This is not a post sponsored in any way by Honestbee. I'm just sharing my experience as an ordinary user who got amazed by the app.
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