Le Sucré Lab's Luscious Dream Cake - a review

Le Sucré Lab's Luscious Dream Cake - a review

Dream Cake is conquering palates, and I didn’t even have a clue that such phenomenon is occurring. It was until my good ol’ friend Jieza invited me to have a tasting night of a dream cake at her place. I got all giddy upon knowing about the invite, and I really looked forward to it.

When I got to the place, everyone was on their cameras trying to get a shot of this “IG-worthy” luscious dessert. I learned that night that there are at least 7 known brands for Dream Cakes, and what we had for the night was the one who started this craze (as they claim) — Le Sucré Lab, or more conveniently called “LSL”. Yeah, di ka nag-iisa. Nakakabulol talaga ipronounce and Sucre. “Su-ker” ba or “Su-kre”? I honestly don’t know, but I didn’t bother. What was more worthy of attention was the cake itself.

Le Sucré Lab's iconic and elegant can for dream cake

I joined in with the taking of photos, and I couldn't help but be mesmerized by the elegance of the can. Just by merely looking at it, you'll have a gut-feel that you will enjoy what's inside.

Now, after everyone finished taking photos and posting the tin can in their stories, we all agreed to “break it” already. Apparently, this is how it is normally done. You crack the layer of solidified chocolate on top. A lava of chocolate ganache will then start flowing out.

Dream cake of Le Sucre Lab - Philippines

It was a marvelous scene, and it felt like I’m watching a romantic moment as the tantalizing ganache oozes out.  My heart was beating with excitement when I plunged the spoon to dig deep into the layers. I scooped it. Leveled it with my mouth. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and took a bite. My world stopped.

Renz Cheng and Le Sucre Lab's Dream Cake

No kidding. It was my first dream cake, and it felt like a “first time” (definitely no pun intended). I could feel varying playful textures, and my buds sensed the depth of the chocolate goodness. It was magical! There was sufficient sweetness, so balanced that you can finish it off by yourself. Yeah, my buds couldn’t go tired of the experience. That was the beauty of this! 

By the way, a can of this LSL Dream Cake costs around P500. I’m not exactly sure because it was Jieza who got it for us. She also had this delivered via Lalamove, so everything was convenient.

Oozing chocolate ganache - dream cake of Le Sucre Lab

Le Sucré Lab’s (or LSL) Dream Cake is what The Greatest Showman speaks off — Dreaming with your eyes wide open! The texture, layers and taste all worked perfectly together in bringing that sexy melt-in-your-mouth goodness that was completely irresistible! We had the can finished in a matter of minutes. That was how good it was. Highly recommended! 
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