Six Doors BBQ Buffet - First 3D Dining Experience in Philippines

Six Doors BBQ Buffet - First 3D Dining Experience in Philippines

Six Doors - A new buffet concept has opened up its “doors” in Uptown Mall. It boasts itself as the first 3D buffet in the Philippines, and it levels up our cravings for some k-grillings. Dining enthusiasts are surely in for some treat with the excellent line-up of barbecues. It’s also a full-fledged buffet, so you’ll also find sushi, sashimi, drinks, and dimsum among others.

Note: The Grand Opening will happen on December 5, 2018 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. FIDO, Six Doors' official mascot, and 8 Human Statues will bring entertainment as they open up the doors to everyone!

Six Doors Buffet in Uptown Mall, BGC

The concept of Six Doors was conceptualized in Singapore by a group of seasoned restaurateurs and industry leaders who are now making its wave in the Philippines.

Why "Six Doors"?
The name of the buffet restaurant is named as such because you'll find here six (6) VIP themed-rooms. Each room offers Butler Style service, a premium menu selection and a thematic set-up with 3D features.

VIP Room in Six Doors BBQ Buffet in Uptown Mall

While the VIP rooms cater to a select few, the Open Dining Area can accommodate the cravings of 228 dining enthusiasts. Yes, that's how large the seating capacity is here at Six Doors.

Interior of Six Doors BBQ Buffet in BGC

A dashing interior
To further anchor upon the concept of "stylish and elevated dining experience", the ambiance here in Six Doors is nothing but classy. There is an air of sophistication with all the elements found here in the restaurant. The lights, furniture, ornaments and even the mere arrangement of the silverware all create this feel of luxury.

Interior of Six Doors BBQ Buffet in BGC

A quick look at the buffet selections
Six Doors has an interesting line up of dishes on its spread, and through my itch to pour out some creativity, I made this guide to help you visualize the buffet spread even more.

Guide to Six Doors Buffet - Uptown Mall, BGC

There's a separate table dedicated for various sets of appetizers. Then, there is this L-shaped buffet spread that starts off with grilling essentials (e.g. vegetables, meat, seafood, etc.). This is followed by specialty dishes which include the vegetarian lasagna and beef rendang among others. Sushi lovers will then find paradise at the Japanese corner. Anyway, instead of blabbering about it, I'll show 'em to you, and do a virtual tour.

Let's begin with Appetizers!

Appetizers in Six Doors Buffet, BGC

The appetizer area of Six Doors is a festivity of cuisines. They have the traditional salads and cocktail eats.

Oyster appetizers in Six Doors Buffet

They also have oysters for those who can't get enough of seafood, but remember to not consume these with an empty stomach. It'll save you trips in the toilet when you get home.

Humuus in Six Doors BBQ Buffet in Uptown Mall
Humuus in Six Doors BBQ Buffet in Uptown Mall

The BBQ Selection + Other Grillables
Moving on to the L-shaped spread, we begin with the "grillables". Of course, you'll find there variety of meat including chicken, beef, seafood and vegetables.

Chicken Breast for Grilling in Six Doors

If you are too fond of the Korean samgyupsal, you can also re-create that experience here in Six Doors. Lettuce is also available for you to wrap the grilled meat.

Marinated beef strips - barbecue grilling buffet in BGC

Vegetables are also available to pair up with your chosen meat.

Dried Tofu in Six Doors Restaurant

And seafood lovers will be able to satisfy their cravings here as well. Oh, also they serve lobsters here from time to time. Fresh catch to delight the palate!

Fresh crabs in Six Doors BBQ Buffet
Fresh shrimps in Six Doors BBQ Buffet

The Specialty Dishes in Six Doors
Aside from the traditional favorites, Six Doors buffet also offers its specialty dishes that will hopefully make the experience stand out even more.

Chicken Galantine Dish

They offer Chicken Galantine brings out the holiday-joy. It will remind you of the comfort of an embutido.

Kare-Kareng Gulay Filipinos Dish

They also offer other cuisines including our very own. You may find there vegetable Kare-kare, Beef Rendang and Vegetarian lasagna. The specialty dishes may vary daily, so there's going to be an element of surprise.

Beef Rendang in Six Doors BBQ Buffet
Vegetarian Lasagna in Six Doors Restaurant in Taguig

Picks from the Land of the Rising Sun
The Japanese section is a literal “corner” embellished with crafty ornaments and dolls, which effectively give it a touch of authenticity. There are no less than 6 choices for the rolls, and they have this huge tempura to watch out for.

Japanese Section of Six Doors Buffet in Taguig City

As Filipinos, we are accustomed in finding sushi and rolls whenever we visit a buffet restaurant. Hence, Six Doors also satisfies that craving.

Maki and rolls in the Japanese Section of buffet
Sushi and more in Japanese section of the buffet
Maki and rolls in the Japanese Section of buffet

Of course aside from the rolls, our favorite Tempura will also be sitting there to allure the eyes and eventually the palate.

Huge tempura in Six Doors BBQ Buffet

Pair up with your chosen drinks!
Six Doors also offers a wide range of beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic one.

Bottles of wine and beverages in Six Doors

Four seasons drink in cocktail glass

My mom and I was so thrilled with the experience, and we couldn't help but capture the moment.

Renz Cheng and his mom in Six Doors, Uptown Mall

The Star of the Night
Aside from the grillables/barbecues, another highlight here in Six Doors us the carving selections. They offer here various carvings, and you should watch out for the roasted goat meat. It's what people are commonly raving about!

Awesome carvings in Six Doors BBQ Buffet

The carving section is located at the other end of the "L-shaped" spread, and you can watch the chef do their "ritual" as they slice off the meat. Afterwards, the servers will be doing rounds via the serving trolley.

Sliced cooked meat in Six Doors - Carving Station

If you want dimsum come get some 
Six Doors is primarily inspired by East Asian cultures but takes into account influences from other regions. Still, you can expect several "Chinese" dishes such as the hakaw, siomai, xiao long bao and etc.

Chinese hakaw - shrimp
Steamed siomai in Six Doors Buffet
Xiao long bao in Six Doors BBQ Buffet - Chinese food
Butchi for dessert in Six Doors BBQ Buffet

A sweet ending for a marvelous dining
Desserts here in Six Doors may not be as expansive as other buffet restaurants, but they have all the essentials covered. They have chocolate fondue, Big Scoop ice cream, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, Panna Cotta and a few others.

Dessert section of the buffet

They also exhibit some novelty by adding photos of Hello Kitty. Surprisingly, Shin Chan's butt also gets some exposure.

Hello Kitty Inspired Desserts in Six Doors
Shin Chan novelty cakes in Six Doors
White chocolate cheesecake Hello Kitty
Smooth, airy cheesecake in Six Doors Buffet

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this photo tour of the buffet spread here in Six Doors. We enjoyed our stay, and I do hope that you'll enjoy yours as well.

Chefs of Six Doors BBQ Buffet Restaurant in BGC

Visit Six Doors BBQ Buffet now at the second level of Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City. For more information, you may reach them via their website ( or at 0918-484-3255
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