McDonald’s NXTGEN Flagship Store in McKinley West

McDonald’s NXTGEN Flagship Store in McKinley West

I'm very much positive that you already heard about the NXT steps McDonald's are taking to level up our dining experience. Just recently, McDonald's launched the opening of its NXTGEN flagship store in McKinley West of Fort Bonifacio.

In this blog post, I'll be answering the question that lingers in your mind, "What makes NXTGEN stores different from a regular McDonald's?"

McDonald's NXTGEN Flagship Store Launch

The iconic and classic architecture of McDonald's. This particular NXTGEN store boasts a nostalgic look of the first McDonald's franchise store. It brings back the classic while still keeping up with the modern touches.

McDonald's iconic architecture - McKnely West NXTGEN

Built in McCafe. NXTGEN stores are envisioned to have McCafe within the store to cater to the ever-growing thirst of us Millennials from a "fancy" beverage.

McCafe in every NXTGEN stores
McCafe store - NXTGEN

Self-Ordering Kiosks that accepts card payments. This a core feature of a NXTGEN store. All other features are accessories but this is the fundamental addition that separates a NXTGEN store from a regular on.

Self-Ordering Kiosks of NXTGEN McDonald's

Through the kiosks, we can now order at our pace, and perhaps ditch the long lines. Upon completing an order via the kiosks, we can wait up for our order number to be called at the Claim Counter where we can pick up our meals.

Self-Ordering Kiosks of NXTGEN McDonald's

Since not all may be comfortable with tech, NXTGEN stores still welcome orders made via the conventional way.

Friendly crew in NXTGEN stores of McDonald's

It's helpful to note that not all NXTGEN stores may not have all the features noted in this post, but all of these can be found here in McKinley West, which is of course the essence of being a flagship store.

Ordering made easier and intuitive in NXTGEN stores

If you want to experience the tech and the "newness" of a classic, drop a visit here in NXTGEN along the stretch of McKinley West, Fort Bonifacio.

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