Kite Kebab Bar's Authentic Mediterranean Dishes in Makati City

Kite Kebab Bar's Authentic Persian Dishes in Makati City

I initially thought that Makati’s food scene is paling up, but it seems like there are always new restaurants that re-invigorates the city. Each time something new pops up, Makati starts buzzing back to life again. This week, I was able to discover a new restaurant that charges up the food scene with exciting and out-of-the-box flavors - Kite Kebab Bar.

Kite Kebab Bar in Tordesillas Street, Makati

Kite Kebab Bar is tucked within the inner streets of Salcedo Village along Tordesillas. This new addition makes the area a powerhouse. We have Gino’s nearby. Juju as well, and now Kite Kebab Bar. At last, we are offered a hub with such amazing food and a hip ambiance, perfect for laid-back evenings over meaningful conversations with friends, with beer of course.

Interior of Kite Kebab Bar in Makati City

Creatively constructed ambiance
Kite Kebab Bar was conceptualized by the same man (Kian Kazemi) behind the iconic Persia Grill. The restaurant was such a major success that it easily became a house name. Picking up from there and infusing more fresh and innovative concepts, Kian decided to level up the experience. Here in Kite Kebab Bar, we are offered not only awesome eats, but also fantastic beats. The place is an art. All the walls and floors were like canvass while Kian’s imagination and creativeness served as the brush.

Brilliantly made interior of Kite Kebab Bar in Tordesillas

The menu consists of brilliantly curated dishes with price points that are very reasonable. They also have sets and platter that handpicks the best sellers for us.

For this dining experience, we had a handful of dishes that we were able to try.

This first dish which name I was not able to take note have this savory tomato goodness. There is this right mix of fat infused onto the sauce that makes each bite explode with overflowing yumminess.

Mezze Sampler of Kite Kebab Bar
Mezze Sampler of Kite Kebab Bar

The Mezze Sampler (P680) is a fantastic choice if you happen to be so puzzled as to what to have for appetizers. It somehow gives "introduction" to the cuisine, which will definitely catch you off guard with the boldness of flavors.

This sampler includes Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tzatziki, Samosa, Falafel and Pita

Ox Brain Appetizer in Kite Kebab Bar

Now if you are the adventurous type, you may want to try the Ox Brain (P119) for appetizer. Even if sounds intimidating and possibly scary, the taste will soothe you with its familiar comforting boldness of flavor.

Ox Tongue/Lengua Kebab of Kite Kebab Bar

The Ox Tongue/Lengua Kebab (P125) is another "exotic" dish you may try. It will surely reset your taste buds with its interesting texture of mixed tenderness and chewiness. Of course, with how well this was prepared and grilled, you won't be able to initially tell that this is ox tongue. You can test this by asking someone to close his eyes, and then let him take a bite.

Spicy Bastard Chicken Wings of Kite Kebab Bar

For flame-lovers, this one is dedicated for you - Spicy Bastard Chicken Wings (P295 - 1 Dozen). You'll curse once this one touches the mouth. It's coated with extreme spiciness made from habenero chili, and this surely raise up adrenaline and endorphins. This is definitely a must-try for daredevils.

Grilled Squid with Stuffed Turmeric Rice in Kite Kebab Bar
Grilled Squid with Stuffed Turmeric Rice in Kite Kebab Bar

Kite Kebab Bar also offers seafood such as this Grilled Squid that is stuffed with turmeric rice. It's fresh and offers tender seafood goodness.

Tabouli Salad of Kite Kebab Bar

The Tabouli (P168) is a Mediterranean-style salad which consists of parsley, diced tomatoes, lemon zest over extra virgin olive oil. It relieves the buds of previous flavors, which will allow you to refreshingly reset the buds in preparation for the main dishes.

Shawarma Turmeric Rice Plate Duo of Kite Kebab Bar

The Shawarma Turmeric Rice Plate Duo (P215), a combination of beef and chicken, is a classic for those who want something familiar.

Kebab Sampler Platter of Kite Kebab Bar

The Kebab Sampler Platter (P999) will definitely make your jaw drop with its reasonable price and exciting range of variety. This festive platter allows you to taste the classic beef kebab, spicy herb beef kebab, lamb chop, classic chicken kebab and spicy chicken tandoori. This is served with two pieces of pita bread and special sauces. 

For those who are just beginning to appreciate diverse flavors, this will be a great starter.

Lamb Biryani of Kite Kebab Bar - Tordesillas

Now, if you want to further level up a bit in your gastronomic experience, you definitely need to try the Lamb Biryani (P499). The long grained Biryani allows you to savor the goodness of the lamb which is buried under the rice. Flavors are rich, and will go even richer when you douse it with the various sauces on the sides. Plus, the yogurt sauce here is a champ!

Baklava Dessert in Kite Kebab Bar

The Baklava dessert will breach expectations with the pastry that's crisp on the outside then becomes soft and dreamy on the way to the core. The sweet filling will also cradle you with its balanced flavor. This perhaps is the best baklava I tasted to date.

Kite Kebab Bar - Overall Summary

Budget: at least P350 each for a moderate to heavy sharing type of dining experience for a group of at least 4
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of last visit - October 2, 2018

Kite Kebab Bar houses fantastic Mediterranean Cuisine that we have been "missing out" all these years. Best of all, you won't be breaking the bank just to taste bold authentic flavors. With Kite Kebab Bar, restaurants such as Arya and Cyma will surely feel pressure now that this place offers unique blend of flavors at lower price points. We foodies are definitely in for a treat here!

Don't miss out, and indulge on the comfort of kebabs, exotic appetizers and more here in Kite Kebab Bar!

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Kite Kebab Bar
Location: Bautista Corner Tordesillas Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City
Service Charge: 10% before VAT
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