Modern Shanghai Chinese Restaurant in Mall of Asia

Modern Shanghai Chinese Restaurant in Mall of Asia

After being driven by our impulse to splurge on Kumori's bake treats (read more), we decided to stroll around the mall until we were hungry. Unfortunately, it took us a while to decide on where to eat. This made us even hungrier. It was a good thing that I suddenly remembered dining in Modern Shanghai several months back. We all checked the menu, and everyone agreed to give this a try!

By the way, you can revisit my experience trying the Xiao Long Bao the first time there here in this post - Xiao Long Bao in Modern Shanghai

If you feel lazy to check that out, maybe you can watch this video instead. I created this a way to "practice" a year ago, and I am re-sharing it here:

"Modern" Shanghai
I didn't take a photo of the interior because I thought I had it covered during my first visit here. Turned out, I was wrong. Anyway, there interior here is pretty much "modern" combined with elements that made it somehow sophisticated -- from flooring to the choice of color combination.

You can somehow get a clue by watching the video above. For the night, we only had a few dishes, since we were "carefully watching out for our weight". 

House Soup in Modern Shanghai - Mall of Asia

We wanted something to warm us up with the chilly weather, so we ordered a House Soup (P88 per serving). Our initial impression was really bad, judging it by the appearance. However, we were all startled by how it shattered that unjust impression. It got this flowing sweetness (not-so-good for those who don't have sweet tooth) and herb taste accompanied by the right viscosity. Very sulit for the price!

Xiao Long Bao of Modern Shanghai

Of course, the Xiao Long Bao (P188) was the star of the night. It was what made me come back after all. I just loved the soupiness and how delicate the texture was. The taste was also meaty yet very balanced. For the price, I will say that you should really go for this!

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet of Modern Shanghai

This Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (P288) might not be that "instagrammable" as we millenials coin it, but I appreciated the tenderness and freshness of the fish. The meat almost melted in my mouth as it came contact. Now, the sauce may be too viscous, but it gave more character to the fish. Next to the Bao, this is what I loved most.

Seafood Rice of Modern Shanghai

The Seafood Rice (P238) had a bountiful inclusion of seafood which I very much appreciated. The taste also matched with the Xiao Long Bao and the Sweet and Sour Fish.

Sauteed Egg White with Scallops of Modern Shanghai

The Sauteed Egg White with Scallops (P348) was a slight downer perhaps it was because I tasted something better, particularly the one served in Royale in Binondo. When compared, the overall taste was sweeter than necessary, and the egg white lacked the dreamy fluffiness. This is a new dish here in Modern Shanghai, so I guess there is still room for improvement.

Our foodie adventures didn't stop here in Modern Shanghai. My brother craved for some desserts, so we ended up in Llao Llao. Stay tuned for the next post!

Modern Shanghai - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings reflect my personal experiences on the times I dine here.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: at least P300 each for a light to moderate sharing type of dining experience for a group of at least 4
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 2 || Date of last visit - July 8, 2017

Modern Shanghai still shows potential, although it still need to accelerate efforts in building up its dishes. It's also a good thing that the prices are mostly reasonable, so that makes it very much sulit dining here. If you have a Bistro Card, you'll enjoy 20% and that makes it even more affordable. Service is not as excellent as I remembered it, but they still are all friendly and ready-to-serve (with a few follow up, of course).

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Modern Shanghai
Location: Second Floor, Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily
Contact No.: (02) 246 9069 ext:725
Service Charge: 10% before VAT
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