Kumori's Japanese Pastries in Mall of Asia

Kumori's Japanese Pastries in Mall of Asia

A Story to Share
Liberty. This was what I felt when we visited Mall of Asia after maybe a year. Over the past months, we were stuck in our normal routine, and yes including weekends (especially Sunday). Normally, we just stay at home for the morning. Hear a mass, and then go to Robinsons Manila. The following weeks would be easy because we just needed to repeat everything.

Then, just last Sunday, my sister initiated the idea of vising Mall of Asia. We were stunned, and thrilled at the same time. It felt different. It felt like we were breaking away from tradition. Upon few minutes of deliberation, we all went for the idea. The next thing we knew, we were all over Mall of Asia looking for something new. -- it was completely liberating. I know it might be shallow for some, but for us, it was magical.

Mall of Asia Series
Anyway, because of this, my next three blog posts are all from Mall of Asia. So, hopefully, you'll enjoy this MoA series!

Kumori Bakery in Mall of Asia

Kumori has been a personal favorite when it was first introduced to me. I just couldn't get enough of its Hanjuku Cheese. This is why when our peripherals saw Kumori, we couldn't resist the urge to drop by. Funny. We didn't intend to buy. We wanted to just browse around. Disappointingly (or not), we ended up buying a handful of pastries to try.

Hanjuku Cheese of Kumori

These babies were my first-loves here in Kumori. I just love the dreamy creaminess in each bite!

For this visit in the brightly-lit and attractive bake shop, I had my attention caught by these cylindrical treats. My eyes were locked. An impulse to buy and eat (which I am guilty of) built up. These new babies are called Krones costing P55 a piece.

Krones of Kumori Bakeshop

These cylinders are then filled up with chilled sweet creamy custard that puts these babies into their adolescence. Now, that sounded so wrong, anyway. Once they gets creamed (darn it! I keep on messing the words), you can now give a gentle peck as the custard cream touches your lips. Mmm-mmm.

Krones getting filled with custard -Kumori

The finished product is this one. You'll be having a crisp exterior shell with chilled lightly sweet filling in its core. It's consumed best right on the spot. No kidding.

Krones of Kumori Japanese Bakeshop

My younger brother is craving for some cheese tart that night, so he made sure he'll be able to taste one. He did of course, and so did I.
Cheese Tart of Kumori - MANILA

These lovely cheese tart is only P60 a piece, way cheaper than Pablo's (read more) and BAKE's. Although the latter ones have their own set of uniqueness. So, I'm not choosing which one is better because all of them are special. It's just that Kumori's creation is lighter on the pocket.

Cheese Tart of Kumori - MANILA

It was sheer good vibes, and we were just starting the night. We strolled around the mall with huge smiles plastered on our faces. Our next stop was Modern Shanghai. Stay tuned!
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