A "Complete" Guide to The Dessert Museum (tips included)

Dessert Museum - a place for practicing-photographers and vain ones

Last weekend, some of my friends decided that we finally experience today's fad when it comes to being a little, uhmmm, let's just say "appreciative of ourselves". Yeah, that's right. It's Dessert Museum - the one found in S'Maison of Conrad Manila. And again, you're right, it's the one where you'll spend a heck of a money just to indulge yourself with selfies.

The Dessert Museum in Conrad Manila

The Dessert Museum in Conrad Manila
Nobody thought that someone will really take the fascination for desserts more seriously than necessary. When you think of it, the idea seems really "unbelievable". I mean, who in his/her right mind will make a museum out of desserts?

Well, apparently there is. Which is why there is now one dessert museum standing right here in S'Maison and attracting hundreds of "victims" every day. But you know what's more unbelievable?  That there are people who would be willing to pay up freaking P699 (for online reservation and payment) or P799 (for walk-ins) just for 1.5 hours of tour and 6 pieces of small desserts.

And you know what's even more unbelievable? Well, we fell for it. Guilty as charged.

Entrance to The Dessert Museum in Conrad Manila

Budget Tips
Honestly, there are no budget tips other than to book online and in advance to get P100 off, but seriously, you don't have to sell your unused clothes just for you to experience this. Trust me, it's not something to die for. It's basically just a collection of 8-themed studio rooms each focusing on a particular dessert.

Of course, if you have extra, by all means, help yourself out. It will definitely satisfy your curiosity.

Station #1 - The Donut Room
Donut Room in The Dessert Museum

Each themed room has history and facts written on the walls about the particular dessert, but given the selfie-era, people actually don't care. We didn't either, and it's totally understandable. This is because we practically just have 10-15 minutes each station, and if we read the facts, that'll take 3-5 minutes off our photography session. And yes, it seems like we were paying freaking huge for "renting" a studio together with the props.

Edna Aldave in Dessert Museum - Donut Room

WARNING: Dim Lights
I have to warn you that the lighting in almost all the rooms are dim -- which may not be that helpful in producing those IG-worthy photos. This is why I highly suggest that you be prepared by either tagging along a friend who has a nice camera, or bringing your own portable LED lights. The entrance fee is definitely no joke. Let's make the most out of it by being ready.

Renz Cheg in Donut Room - Dessert MuseumEmil Ong and Renz Cheng in Dessert Museum

Suggested pose and shots:
I'm no expert in photography, but please allow me to share some of the ways you can maximize the area for your photos. Now, if you have suggestions (I know you do) please share them by commenting down below.
  • Make use of the donut as a frame for your photo
  • Use the donut as props
  • Pretend as if you are eating them
  • Use the donuts as hand rails as if you are in an LRT
  • Do a back shot as if you want to consume all the donuts

Emil Ong in Donut Room - Dessert Museum

Station #2  - Marshmallows
Renz Cheng in Marshmallow Room in The Dessert Museum

There aren't much you can do in this section, but your imagination shall be the limit.

Suggested pose and shots:
  • Do black and white photos because you'll not really rely much on collors, after all (most) marshmallows are white
  • Use the marshmallows as bokeh for your portrait shots -- I wasn't able to successfully pull this off
  • Pretend as if it's raining marshmallow
  • Pretend as if if you are joining a palarong-pinoy where you need to eat the marshmallow hands-free -- (WARNING: for jejemon like me only)
Ube Marshmallow in Dessert MuseumAnna De Jesus in Marshmallow Room - Dessert Museum

Dessert Treat #1 - You'll be given a gigantic marshmallow to be coated by a dip of your choice: Ube, Strawberry or White Chocolate

Station #3  - Candy Canes
Anna De Jesus and Edna Aldave in Candy Seesaw Dessert Museum

This is my most favorite room among the 8 due to the presence of multi-themed corners. The time allotted will not be that sufficient, so you need to act and take photos fast.

Macarons in The Dessert Museum

Dessert Treat #2 - You'll be given a macaron with a very sweet filling. You can either go for the blue or pink one, although they are of the same flavor.

Tip: Bottled waters are sold at this section ONLY. Each will cost you P30.

Anna De Jesus Jumps in The Dessert MuseumRenz Cheng Jumps in The Dessert Museum

Here in The Dessert Museum, you'll be taught how to Jump and eventually fly. It was beautiful how we were able to relieve our childhood memories.

Swing Set in The Dessert Museum

Suggested pose and shots:
  • Ride the seesaw and pair up with a friend with matching colors. You can choose contrasting colors or blend with the candy canes
  • Unleash your inner frog in the "Jump" section and do weird poses
  • Be wacky with the swing and just do as you please, or you can just be "pabebe" 
  • Pretend as if you are in a store looking for the right-colored ball
  • Act as if you are lost in a candy store

Emil Ong in the Dessert MuseumRenz Cheng in The Dessert Museum

Station #4  - Ice Cream
Edna Aldave in Ice Cream Section Dessert Museum

This section is like a huge ball pit. It's fun because you can really think of anything in coming up with your shots. There is also "hot air balloon" corner to get that feels from Disney's UP.

Suggested pose and shots:
  • Lie down on the bed of balls as if they are all nice and clean
  • Do some action shots of throwing the balls in the air as if you are a worry-free kid
  • Be all dreamy in the "hot air" balloon and imagine fantasies 

Anna De Jesus in Hot Air Balloon Dessert Museum

Dessert Treat #3 - You'll be given a Popsicle in this section. Flavors to choose from are avocado, mango and ube. I was not able to take a photo because we encountered some commotion which is finding Emil's missing wristband.

By the way, a wristband is provided upon entrance. It shall be your pass in availing the dessert treats. Losing this wristband will cost you all the desserts you'll miss out on, and a whopping P300.

Station #5 - Bubble Gum
Edna Aldave in Bubble Gum Section - The Dessert MuseumEmil Ong in Bubble Gum Section - The Dessert Museum
Renz Cheng in Bubble Gum Section - The Dessert MuseumAnna De Jesus in Bubble Gum Section - The Dessert Museum

There are only two things you can do here, and the room isn't filled up with much IG-worth corners. There's a part where you'll go inside a "balloon filled with smaller balloons". Also, there's a section where you'll be trapped in a bubble . It's possibly a dream come true.

Suggested pose and shots:
  • Take a photo from the outside of the huge balloon, so your friends inside will look like as if they are trapped in a snow globe
  • Do wacky faces as they trap you in a bubble

Station #6  - Gummy Bears
Anna De Jesus, Emil Ong, Edna Aldave Bath Tub, Dessert MuseumAnna De Jesus, Emil Ong, Renz Cheng Bath Tub, Dessert Museum

My second favorite station is this one due to the novelty of the bath tubs.

Suggested pose and shots:
  • Pose as if you haven't taken a bath and bathe yourself with sweets so you'll be nicer
  • Do swag or "high fashion" in the tub -- remember: different angles have different effects
  • Get some balloons and use those as additional props
  • Do group shots (preferably three of you)

Emil Ong in Bath Tub, The Dessert MuseumRenz Cheng in Bath Tub, The Dessert Museum
Edna Aldave in Bath Tub, The Dessert MuseumAnna De Jesus in Bath Tub, The Dessert Museum

Dessert Treat #4 - You'll be given a few pieces of gummy bears. Flavors may vary, but they give you option to choose from the two available ones.

Station #7  - Cotton Candy
Edna, Anna, Renz and Emil in Cotton Candy Station in Dessert Museum

This station is filled with clouds of pink. It's a bit dimmer than usual as well, so you really need some extra lights.

Suggested pose and shots:
  • Pretend as if you are an angel in pink clouds
  • Lie down by the "garden" as if you are just taking some rest
  • Pretend that you are a thief trying to steal a bite off the cotton candy from the trees
  • Do a group shot near the huge pink tree as an "attendance" photo
Edna Aldave in Cotton Candy Station in Dessert Museum

Dessert Treat #5 - You'll be given a puff of sweet cotton candy. At this point, if you didn't get any water, you'll feel your throat dry up a bit. Also, you'll start to feel sugar rush.

Station #8  - Chocopop
Emil Ong in The Dessert Museum

The last station is where you can do a "wrecking ball" shot. Plus, you can shoot some round plush toys into the hoops.

Renz Cheng Wrecking Ball in Dessert MuseumRenz Cheng in Dessert Museum

Suggested pose and shots:
  • Do the controversial wrecking ball and do it like Miley
  • Do acrobats as you ride the ball
  • Do pair shots in the section where there are needles pinned to it
  • Do action shots as you shoot hoops
  • Maximize different angles taking photos of the dangling candied choco balls

Emil Ong and Anna De Jesus in The Dessert MuseumRenz Cheng and Edna Aldave in The Dessert Museum

Dessert Treat #6 - You'll be given a lollipop-looking dessert called "Chocopop" as a last treat. This marks the end of the entire tour. It's also the part when you realize that you just spent hundreds of pesos for a short duration of happiness. Hence, it will now boil down to whether you were able to get good shots if the price would seem to be worth it.

Candied Chocolate Ball in The Dessert Museum

The Dessert Museum - Summary

Rate: P699 for online booking, P799 for walk-ins
Location: Level 1, S Maison, Conrad Manila, Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

Is it worth it? Well, refer to the summary guide below.

You should go if:
  • You just want to know facts and history of 8 dessert treats (even if you can just Google them)
  • You have a friend who has good camera (something that can adapt to dim lights) and decent photography skills
  • You are just a huge fan of desserts that you want to support them by "donating" to the cause
  • You have a budget allocated for things like this

You should NOT go if: 
  • You are a camera-shy person (because, what the heck will you do there?)
  • You don't have a good camera (be it on a mobile phone or an actual camera) -- see item above for the reason
  • You have more important things to spend your money on (again, do not forego necessities just for this)
  • You thought that this is a restaurant where you can have Dessert buffet (because it's not)
Don't be deceived by social media. It's never a necessity to keep up with fads. We did this just for fun, and to foster our friendship. When you go here, have the "right" reasons. Cheers! 

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