Tai Koo HK Roast's Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine

Tai Koo HK Roast's Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine

If you haven’t been to Hong Kong, Tai Koo is the perfect place to experience its culture via the authentic HK dishes served in this restaurant. Trust me, the food we tried tasted like the one I had during my visits in HK! Plus, they are affordable!

Tai Koo in LP Leviste, Makati

Experiencing HK in Makati
I really thought I already explored most of the food finds in Makati, but turned out, I was completely wrong. There are still gems for me to explore including Tai Koo which is nested along the stretch of LP Leviste street.

Roast dishes in Tai Koo Restaurant

Judging by the name of the restaurant particularly "HK Roast" and its interior, it is easy to guess that the specialties are the roasted ones. You can find here roast chicken, duck and pork.

Interior of Tai Koo HK Roast in Makati

Casual and comfortable interior marked with lavish red
Red is usually associated with luck in Chinese culture, which is why you'll find this color to have predominance over the design. The restaurant borderlines between a "fast food" and a restaurant, so you can expect dishes to be served relatively faster with the ambiance being just "right" yet comfortable.

Tai Koo Queue NumberInterior of Tai Koo in Makati

Of course, dishes are HK inspired, so you can expect roast dishes, steamed ones and definitely noodles! For this dining experience, we got to try a rice dish, noodles with soup and tossed (or dry) noodles.

Char Siu Pork Rice

The Char siu Pork Rice (P158) came in with a commendable plating. It made it look pricier than it was. While this dish is perfect for those who are watching their budget yet still want to try HK cuisine, the meat can be a little tough that drives away the attention from the right balance of saltiness amd sweetness. My brother is an asado-lover, and he ordered this twice already. I guess that means this is decent and maybe even beyond.

Soy Chicken and Wonton Tossed Noodles

The Soy Chicken and Wonton Tossed Noodles (P208) was my personal order, and I’m so grateful I went for the this dish. I just love how slightly chewy the noodles were that went well with thr balanced soy flavors of the chicken. The wonton may not be that excellent but it was still decent. Overall, I still love the harmony of taste and the texture from the suitable hardness of the noodles.

The White Chicken and Wonton Noodle Soup (P208) had the same firmness of the tossed noodles. However, the broth may not be as savory as I imagined it to be. Thankfully, you can customize the taste by making use of the condiments. Now, what excellent for this dish was the White Chicken which was tender and subtly tasty (which is how it should be). Still, I would go for the tossed noodles.

We didn't have desserts because we were too full, so hopefully on my next visit, I can try some. Yeah, I would definitely be coming back.  

Tai Koo - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings reflect my personal experiences on the times I dine here.
Taste  ★★
Service  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: at least P200 each for a personal dish of noodles or rice bowl
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of last visit - April 11, 2018

Tai Koo
is undoubtedly a fantastic place to have a quick fix of your HK cuisine cravings. You’ll be able to taste the flavors of authentic roast dishes! The place may not be fancy, but the casual appeal further adds to the overall HK experience. I suggest you try the tossed noodles! I have yet to try the roasted duck, but for now I’m giving this a positive recommendation. Two-thumbs up for this restaurant.

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Tai Koo
Location: L.P. Leviste Street, Makati, Metro Manila
Service Charge: NONE

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