Route 55's Ribs, Burgers + Fried Cheesecake Poppers in Baguio

Route 55's Ribs, Burgers + Fried Cheesecake Poppers in Baguio

With the objective of escaping the city hustle and job-related stress, we decided to have a getaway in Baguio. At 11 degrees Celsius, everything felt so cold yet free. I was with three of my great friends (supposedly four, but the chains of work kept her hidden in the dungeon), and we just figuratively and literally chilled in a rented Airbnb.

Route 55 in Baguio - Ribs and Wings

Surprise, surprise!
It was destiny supporting our getaway when I received an invitation to try out a restaurant tucked along the relatively quieter Legarda Road. It goes by the name Route 55, because apparently it's located at Lot #55.

We didn't want to miss out on the opportunity, so on our second day (a Saturday) in Baguio, we decided to drop by. From Burnham Park, we just walked about 15 minutes to Route 55. The weather was really nice which is why we didn't bother walking.

Interior of Route 55 in Baguio

From the outside, the restaurant seemed like a pitstop -- which is where the concept is mostly centralized on. I initially thought that the place has limited seating capacity given my view from afar, but once I entered the restaurant, I was surprised to witness how it seemingly "expanded".

Interior of Route 55 in Baguio

Wall of "savage" quotes
The wall which you are seeing in the photo above contains quotes that are really "savage". I forgot to take photos of the good ones, but I can remember something that goes like this:

Give your 100% at work: 12% on Monday, 28% on Tuesday, 40% on Wednesday, 20% on Thursday and 0% on Friday

I just lots of humor on those quotes.

The menu is mostly American-inspired with of course some tweaks to match the Filipino taste buds.Appetizers, soup, sizzlers, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, wings, ribs, fryers, desserts and drinks are available -- yup, that's an expensive list! In short, there's definitely something to love!

Route 55 House Salad

The Route 55 House Salad (P175) had an interesting infusion of peanut brittle and strawberry vinaigrette. The greens were all fresh and crisp.

Wild Wings of Route 55, Baguio
Wild Wings of Route 55, Baguio

The Wild Wings (P245) featured interesting blend of subtle flavors. The meat was also juicy, oozing with light garlicky taste.

Bacon and Mushroom Melt Pasta of Route 55

The Bacon and Mushroom Melt Pasta (P205) had this lovely creaminess in its sauce. It was also thick and fluffy yet coating the pasta pretty well.

Pulled Pork Sandwich  of Route 55, Baguio

The Pulled Pork Sandwich (P255) was a scene-stealer with its intensely rich savory flavors. The meat strands were tender as well making this dish quite distinct and special. 

House Burger of Route 55, Baguio
House Burger of Route 55, Baguio

The House Burger (P215) was hefty and generous in its ingredients. The patty was a mouthful and the size of the buns were huge.The taste captures the traditional homey comfort of an American-style burger -- meaty and munchy.

Habanero Ribs of Route 55, Baguio with Strawberry
Habanero Ribs of Route 55, Baguio

The Habanero Ribs (which I couldn't recall the price) featured a combination of Baguio's pride (strawberry) and Route 55's specialty (ribs). It has a hint of kick to jolt the buds. The flavors were very defined which definitely "worked out" our buds.

The Route 55 Ribs (P265) was had the same overall goodness of the special ribs above. However, this one had a more balanced taste as far as my buds are concerned. We were able to taste the smokiness in the flavor together with the savory sweetness of the sauce

Cheesecake Poppers in Route 55, Baguio
Cheesecake Poppers in Route 55, Baguio

The Cheesecake Poppers (P195) was incredibly delish. The plating was also a visual spectacle allowing your eyes to be "full" as well.I'm normally not a huge fan of fried dessert but this was a definite exception. Each bite gave this tangy salty cheese taste matched with mellow creaminess. The "soil" added an interesting choco goodness creating a fantastic dessert. 

Renz Cheng, Gerone Tolentino, Edna Aldave and Emil Ong in Route 55 Baguio

We definitely had a good time -- so good that we needed to take a deep breath in taking our photo. Four happy kids!

Route 55 - Overall Summary

Budget: at least P400 each for a moderate to heavy sharing type of dining experience for a group of at least 4
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of last visit - January 13, 2018

One thing I really liked about Route 55 was the effort poured into crafting each dish. You will see a touch of art in plating which the eyes quickly picks up. The ribs also have their own uniqueness as to the quality and taste. It gives you that nostalgic feeling of home-cooked meals made for special occasion like your birthday. The place also has a chill vibe which makes the mood light and friendly.

PS: When you ask for the Wi-Fi password (yes, it's free), please don't be shocked with their response. It's really the password.

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Route 55
Location: No.55 Legarda Road, 55 Legarda Rd, Barangay Burnham - Legarda, Baguio, Benguet
Reservations are allowed

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