Mango Tree's Special Thai Dishes for Christmas, BGC

Mango Tree's Special Thai Dishes for Christmas, BGC

Mango Tree is cooking up something amazing in preparation for Christmas, and fortunately, we were able to get a preview of what's to come, so let's take a look!

Fine-dining at the heart of BGC
Since it was my first time to dine here in Mango Tree, let me quickly share with you my insights regarding the place.

Mango Tree's interior is modern and simple that gives it an air of elegance. This makes the place great for business meetings, family gathering and even formal dates. Honestly, I got fascinated by the interior upon entering the restaurant. I didn't expect to see something this homey yet elegant all at the same time.

Interior of Mango Tree in BGC

KTG was given the opportunity to hold its Christmas party here in Mango Tree, and at the same time, we were given preview of the dishes to watch out for this December 15, 2017.These colorful new selections make Mango Tree's menu even more Christmas-ready! Let's check 'em out!

Garden Salad in Som Tum Sauce with Chicken Wings

The Garden Salad in Som Tum Sauce with Chicken Wings featured a blend of dried shrimp paste, fish sauce, lime and palm sugar for that balanced sweet and sour combination. The chicken on the side further gave it an added layer of savory salty flavor. [NEW]

The Shrimp Cakes of Mango Tree is a classic appetizer for that crunchy seafood goodness matched with a sweet and sour tang
Shrimp Cakes of Mango Tree

The Chicken Satay is another classic here in Mango Tree -- a stellar dish with distinct and authentic spices
Chicken Satay of Mango Tree

The Thai Spareribs has this familiar barbecue-pandan flavor which is tasty and refreshing on the buds at the same time
Thai Pork Spareribs of Mango Tree

Thai Iced Tea of Mango Tree Restaurant

The Thai Iced Tea (P90) may seem sweeter than usual, but it had this very refreshing authentic taste. The shaved ice on top ensure the perfect temperature in every sip. Also, considering the price, this is definitely something you'll enjoy! 

Homok Sefood Curry in Coconut Thai Dish of Mango Tree

Homok Sefood Curry in Coconut Thai Dish of Mango Tree

The Homok Seafood Curry in Coconut is a personal favorite! It had this creamy blend of seafood goodness and coconut -- perfect! There were also generous seafood serving making each bite overflowing with immense flavors! [NEW] 

The Fried Seabass with Tamarind Sauce features seabass goodness embellished with pineapple and cherry tomatoes. To complete, a special tamarind sauce is served on the side. [NEW]

Sweet Potato Custard of Mango Tree Restaurant

The Sweet Potato Custard features a blend of coconut cream and sweet potato that produces this light sweet flavor and lovely creaminess. [NEW]

Wang Bean with Fried Onion of Mango Tree

The Wang Bean with Fried Onion had a slightly identical taste -- very smooth texture that was ticklish on the palate. The fried onion gave my buds a shock, so I found it odd yet it unquestionably added a mark of authenticity. [NEW]

The desserts marked the end of our festive lunch, and we couldn't wipe out the delight on our faces as well as the growing tummies. Foodie friends, let's watch out for December 15 as Mango Tree officially launches the new Holiday-inspired selections!

Celebrate Christmas with Mango Tree and try out limited dishes to spice this season up! Your buds will definitely be jolted by the fresh new flavors of modern Thai cuisine. You may visit Mango Tree in High Street along 7th Avenue of BGC. Have a Merry Christmas! 

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