Champagne and Tapas Buffet in Makati Diamond Residences

Champagne and Tapas Buffet of Makati Diamond Residences

Christmas is truly in the air as Makati Diamond Residences gear up for the holidays with its festive wines and tapas. You no longer need to travel to Roxas Boulevard just to experience Diamond Hotel's luxury and comfort.

Lobby of Makati Diamond Residences

The Makati Diamond Residence, given by its name, is located within the heart of Makati, particularly its CBD. It is found aright across Greenbelt 1. Hence, a solitude away from the city's toxicity and fast-paced activities is now within reach, and this is most true for me , since my office is just a few hundred meters away.

Interior of Makati Diamond Residences

An air of luxurious comfort
The place has this similar ambiance with that of Diamond Hotel itself. Everything is consistent -- from the interior to the fragrance lingering in the place. It was that nostalgic air of luxurious comfort. Being there made me feel detached from Makati, as if I was warped in a different dimension.

Champagne and Tapas Buffet of Makati Diamond Residences
Champagne and Tapas Buffet of Makati Diamond Residences

The Yuletide celebration
As Makati Diamond Residences welcomes Christmas, they have prepared a festive spread to keep the holiday spirit alive. From December 4 to 8 and 11 to 15, 2017, we'll all have the opportunity to experience luxurious comfort in Makati. It will be a night of Champagne and Tapas wherein you'll be in a treat for some cured ham, roast beef, raclette and other Spanish-inspired appetizers and of course Diamond Hotel's famous house-made ice cream.

Now let's take a look shall we? 

Champagne and Tapas Buffet of Makati Diamond Residences

Again, the buffet includes unlimited wine, cocktail, local beer, champagne and/or juice. Hence, you don't have any excuse but to beats off stress through a good drink. Pair this with sensible discussions and a comfortingly conducive place. You'll end up feeling refreshed!

Champagne of Makati Diamond Residences
Cocktail of Makati Diamond Residences

Okay, now if you happen to have a sophisticated palate (which I believe you do), you can do wine pairing over the collection of appetizers, one of which is the cured ham, sliced on the spot.

Cured ham of Makati Diamond Residences
Cured ham of Makati Diamond Residences

Some of the other appetizers to choose from are the fish brandade, a milky Seabass puree on crostini and Bird's Nest with Chicken and barbecue sauce.

Bird's nest with chicken and barbecue sauce of Makati Diamond Residences

For voracious eater, you may feel free to pig out on the roasted US beef belly, which I found really tender and palatable.

US Beef Belly in Makati Diamond Residences
US Beef Belly in Makati Diamond Residences

Since I wanted to try everything, this is how my plate looked like on my first trip. Of course, there were several trips after, but let's not get onto that.

Tapas Buffet in Makati Diamond Residences

Now, aside from these offerings, there is one that really stood out the most. It was the raclette -- a definite scene-stealer of the night. Everyone had their eyes fixed on the raclette as soon as it started melting. On top of all, it went well with the champagne as well as the cured ham.

Raclette of Makati Diamond Residences

There are other accompaniments you may choose from such as the cornichons, cocktail onions, boiled baby potatoes and rye bread. Given that I am a cheese lover, this is where I had most of my succeeding trips. It was super cheesy!

Raclette melting in Makati Diamond Residences
Raclette over rye bread - Makati Diamond Residences

When you feel all full, you can conclude your feast by indulging yourself with their house-made ice cream, which already got its fair share of fame with its remarkable texture and flavors. Each spoonful brings sweetness and delight to the palate. On the other hand, if you don't like something sweet, you may just indulge yourself with more cocktails or wine. Choose whatever will suit you because at the end of the day, you just need to enjoy the night! Cheers!

Cocktail of Makati Diamond ResidencesHousemade ice cream of Diamond Hotel

Enrich your holiday and make it more memorable by celebrating a night here in Makati Diamond Residences!

Prawn pasta of Makati Diamond Residences

The Champagne and Tapas Buffet runs from December 4 to 8, and 11 to 15, 2017 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, and is priced at P1,800 nett per person. For reservations, you may call (02) 317 0999 local 1114 or email 
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