Festive Buffet in Hotel Jen's Latitude Restaurant

Festive Buffet in Hotel Jen's Latitude Restaurant

Hotel Jen just recently lit its Christmas tree symbolizing the beginning of the festive season! To be in line with the Yuletide spirit, Hotel Jen’s Latitude, “christmasified” its buffet spread for the whole season! Here in this blog post, I’ll be sharing with you what you can experience when you dine here in Latitude.

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Home-like ambiance of Hotel Jen's Latitude Hotel

The home-like ambiance
One thing I first noticed about Latitude’s ambiance is its home-like appeal. It was like your mom extending her arms to give you a warm hug after a tiring or a bad day. There is something within the ambiance that is very much welcoming, which is why I immediately felt “home”.

Also, I was surprised about the size of Latitude. From afar, it seemed like a small venue, but once you go further, you'll notice that there's plenty of spaces, making it more relaxing. Similarly, I did not expect the buffet spread to be this expansive. Let's explore, shall we?

Salad Bar of Latitude

The Salad Bar
Latitude's Salad Bar has a fresh collection of greens and toppings, which you may customize to come up with a salad that suits your palate and perhaps even mood. There are fruits as well if you don't feel like "eating grass".

Fresh salad in Hotel Jen's Latitude

Cheese and Parma Ham Station
There's also plenty of cheese available in this section. You can eat them on their own, or pair it with bread or even your salad. The creativity is up to you!

Cheese station in Hotel Jen's Latitude

For those with sophisticated palate will definitely enjoy the salty jolt from the parma ham, which will go well with a cheese of your choice -- maybe something creamy?

Parma Ham of Hotel Jen's Latitude

Japanese Selections
Latitude seems to understand the staple for buffet-goers -- sushi, sashimi and rolls!

For this whole Christmas month, there will be a fresh supply of sashimi included in the buffet. You'll enjoy different cuts of tuna and a few others.

Fresh sashimi in Hotel Jen's Latitude

This may not be entirely "Japanese", since it's not clustered with the sushi and rolls, but it somehow still felt like it, since it was fresh salmon -- seemingly a sashimi

Salmon Roll of Hotel Jen's Latitude

The Pasta Station
One thing I personally love and look for a buffet is the pasta station, and not just where the dishes are prepared beforehand. I prefer them to be cooked on the spot, which is why I really looked forward to having my personal dish when I noticed this station.

Pasta station of Hotel Jen's Latitude

It was perfect timing -- I was craving so much for some pasta days before this night, and finally I was able to satisfy that one. Plus, I went over the salad station to add more shaved Parmesan. I also took more variety in the cheese station to further spice up this pasta. Pure bliss!

Pasta dish cooked fresh in Hotel Jen's Latitude

By the way, coincidentally, my mom was also celebrating her birthday during this Christmas Tree Lighting event. It was so nice to see her enjoying the night!

Seafood Selection + Grilling
In this section, you'll come across some fresh selection of seafood, which you may hand over the chefs to further spice up the dish depending on your liking.

Fresh seafood collection in Hotel Jen's Latitude
Fresh seafood collection in Hotel Jen's Latitude

The Carving Station
Latitude's carving station was also very impressive for the night. There was a Maple Brine Turkey, Honey Glazed Ham, Lechon Belly and Roast Beef!

Maple Brine Turkey of Latitude

In other culture, Christmas will not be complete without a bountiful Turkey. It's a symbol of thanksgiving! However, more than being a symbol, it was a completely satisfying dish with its light sweetness!

Honey Glazed Ham of Hotel Jen's Latitude

Now, for us Filipinos, Christmas will not be complete without the traditional ham. Since Latitude is fond of celebrating various culture, they made sure this iconic dish is present.

Lechon Belly with Liver Sauce

Although not specifically associated with Christmas, a lechon is always perfect for all types of feast/fiesta. Now, for voracious eaters, you will be comforted by the roast beef that will be freshly carved on demand. It also comes with a savory peppery sauce!

Roast Beef of Hotel Jen's Latitude

The Dessert Section
Latitude has an impressive collection of desserts. It may not be a lot, but it's certainly interesting, and since it was Christmas season, there were several Christmas-inspired pastries and desserts. An example was these creme puffs stacked up to look like a Christmas tree -- very creative!

Christmas pastries in Latitude Restaurant
Desserts in Latitude of Hotel Jen

My most favorite spot of the dessert station was where the collection of ice cream is found. Since these are all homemade, the ice cream flavors all had wonderful textures and taste.

Pistachio home-made ice cream in Latitude

Make your holiday more festive with diverse Christmas Flavors offered here in Latitude. Lunch buffet is offered at P1,400 nett per person while dinner buffet is at P1,600 nett per person. It's time to indulge over this fiesta!
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