24 Chicken - Taft's Irresistible Korean Fried Chicken!

24 Chicken - Taft's Irresistible Korean Fried Chicken!

It has already been a few years since I last graduated from DLSU, and I couldn't believe how the food scene rapidly changed since then. Well, I somehow get some updates from my younger brother who studies in the same university, but I haven't gotten the chance to try them. Fortunately, just recently, I got this opportunity to try 24 Chicken via delivery, and I was definitely (taste) bud-blown.

24 Chicken in Taft area - DLSU

A humble beginning
24 Chicken is starting with a small stall along Leon Guinto, which is a street just behind Taft Avenue. Hence, right now they are just catering to those who would want to eat on-the-go (via take-out) or eat-at-home (via take-out or delivery). Interestingly though, you can also eat-at-the-office (via delivery) just like what I did.

Anyway, with the immense flavors and quality of the chicken, I'm sure that in no time, the stall with eventually grow into a full-fledged restaurant.

7 Flavors of Korean Fried Chicken
There are 7 flavors of Korean fried chicken to choose from, so you can basically eat here every day without repeating a single flavor. When I happened to share with my brother that 24 Chicken is letting me try their dish, he told me that it's really good and people are raving about how delicious it is. That really got me extra excited! 

Hence, when the chicken finally came, I rushed to the lobby with all the enthusiasm. 

24 Chicken's Yangneom Fried Chicken

The delivery packaged contained Half Half Chicken (P298), and the first flavor I was able to try was this Spring Onion.  On first bite, my buds felt a playful jolt! I loved how it got this lemony sourness mixed with delightful sweetness. It was truly amazing.

It told myself that I won't eat rice, since I am trying to manage my weight, but I couldn't resist.

The next one up was the Yangnyeom flavor which had this bold spicy savory taste. Each bite gave a burst of spicy-sweet goodness that was enough to force me to finish the whole cup of rice. The taste is likened to a kimchi but with a rather more defined taste mixed with sweetness. Surely a delectable treat!

My office mates also had their eyes widen up as soon as the flavors hit their palate. So, I guess it's really that good!

24 Chicken Manila Delivery

Foodie friends, if you happen to be in the area, I am urging you to give this a try. 24 Chicken also delivers, but they are currently servicing only the area around Vito Cruz and some parts of Malate. However, with our support, I'm sure that this will eventually grow. Cheers!
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