Feng Chia Market Restaurant in Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

considering that it's a prominent tourist spot

After our cable car experience going to Ngong Ping, we suddenly felt the hunger upon setting foot on the village. so we immediately sought out something to eat. Thinking that Ngong Ping is a prominent tourist spot, we became wary about the prices of the food in the area . Thankfully, there was Feng Chia Market to save the budget, since they offered a range of relatively reasonable prices.

Feng Chia Market Restaurant in Ngong Ping, Hong Kong

A simple dining interior
Feng Chia Market has this on-the-go feel with its interior. High tables are provided for you to enjoy the meal inside the restaurant, although it may not be highly comfortable eating while standing up.

The menu is written both on Chinese and English, so it should not be difficult to select what you’d like. There are codes per dish as well to further aid tourists. Prices are a bit high given that this is a tourist area, but it still is reasonable compared other restaurants within the area. Now, let's check out the dishes we ordered, shall we?

Pan-Fried Dumpling of Feng Chia Market

The Pan-Fried Dumpling (26 HKD or approx P175) tasted like your typical dumpling -- crispy exterior with savory meaty filling.

The Pan-fried Pork and Vegetable Buns (22 HKD or approx P150) had this sweet-savory filling which was enough to satisfy my hunger. This was what I orderedl, since I was really on a tight budget. After all, I needed to compensate the outrageously expensive meal I bought in Disneyland. You may want to read more about our experience in the them park here - Experiencing the Magic of Disney.

Pineapple Shake in Feng Chia MarketBubble Milk Tea in Feng Chia Market

The Bubble Milk Tea (30 HKD or approx. P200) and the Pineapple Shake (32 HKD or approx. P215) were really great as far as my taste buds are concerned. Both was able to quench our intense thirst due to the immense heat from the sun.

Fried Crispy chicken Spiced Salt of Feng Chia Market

The Fried Crispy chicken Spiced Salt (35 HKD or approx P235) was really interesting with the blend of flavors from the powder sprinkled over the chicken. If you are familiar with Ersao, it tasted something like that. Anyway, you might want to try this one! 

Marinated Chicken Wing, Pork Belly, Sausage and Egg w/ Rice of Feng Chia Market

The Marinated Chicken Wing, Pork Belly, Sausage and Egg w/ Rice (55 HKD or approx P370) had this interesting blend of savory and salty soy sauce goodness. If you are on a thrift mode, you can share this with some one to split the cost.

Feng Chia - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings reflect my personal experiences on the times I dine here.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: at least 26 HKD (or approx P175) each for a light personal meal or snack
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of last visit - September 23, 2017

Feng Chia market is one of the relatively reasonably priced restaurants you can find here in Ngong Ping Village. Food ranges from satisfactory to slightly above.

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Feng Chia Market
Location: Shop No. 11, G/F., Ngong Ping Theme Village, Lantau Island, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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