The Ultimate Taste Test 2017 - List of 30+ Food Vendors

The Ultimate Taste Test 2017 - List of 30+ Food Vendors

The Ultimate Taste Test (UTT) Pro Edition 2017 was recently held on September 2 and 3 of Glorietta Activity Center, Palm Drive. More than 30 home-based food vendors participated in this year's UTT, and foodies started to rave about how this could be the best UTT so far. Let's take a look!

Ultimate Taste Test 2017 in Glorietta Palm Drive

How does UTT works? 
Foodies who like to try unique and interesting dishes are invited to sample all the food offered by the vendors. They are given a passport to have an access to the food-tasting event. The passport also serves as a scoreboard to provide insights over the sampled dishes (rating scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest).

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To check out the results, you may view the page of Our Awesome Planet (to be updated), who is the organizer of the event.

Ultimate Taste Test Pro Edition 2017
Ultimate Taste Test Pro Edition 2017

30+ Food Vendors
There were 30+ food vendors that participated in this year's UTT. While I personally tried to taste 'em all, my belly was only able to accommodate 23.

Prosicuto Arugula Pizza
Prosicuto Arugula Pizza of Pizza Grigliata Manila

Margherita Pizza
Margherita Pizza of Pizza Grigliata Manila

Honey Garlic Chili Sauce
 Honey Garlic Chili Sauce of Pizza Grigliata

Pizza Grigliata Manila - Offers one of the best pizzas I've ever tasted. They showcased their Margherita, Bianca Quatro Formaggi, Prosciuto Arugula and Honey Garlic Sauce.

Roast Beef
Roast Beef of Beef Barn

Beef Barn - Offers an excellent tasting roast beef, very savory and distinct flavors that dances on the palate. Incredible!

Mushroom Dips
GMCS Farm - Mushroom Sauce/Dips

Spanish Sardines
GMCS Farm - Spanish Sardines

Bottled Mushroom Dips and Spanish Sardines
GMCS Farm - Spanish Sardines

GMCS Farm - Offers innovative dips that uses organic mushrooms. It's a fantastic alternative to the traditional dips/sauces.

Adobo sa Gata
Adobo sa Gata by Auntie May's

Angus Beef Salpicao
Beef Salpicao of Auntie May's

Callos of Auntie May's

Auntie May's - Offers quality home-cooked comfort dishes that is perfect for occasions!

USDA Premium Beef Tapa

TAPAddiction - Offers USDA Premium Beef Tapa rice meals for that old-time classic Filipino dish

Sisig Rice Balls
Sisig Rice Balls of Broken Oven

Broken Oven - Offers impressive concept of turning Pinoy classic into sumptuous balls

Blended Drinks
Blended Fruits and Herbs Drink

Blended Fruits and Herbs - Offers amazing concoctions of fruits and herbs to produce refreshing drinks!

Burger Spot
Burger Spot - El Burguesa

Burger Spot - Offers the El Burguesa which incorporates watermelon in its cheeseburger. Also offers extremely playfully hot sauces

5 Treasure Gyoza
5 Treasure Gyoza by Kirunch Japanese Fusion

Kirunch Japanese Fusion - Offers interesting collection of dishes from fusion of Chinese, Japanese and Singaporean cuisines

The OG Big Bad Chicken
The OG Big Bad Chicken of Connor's Chicken and Waffles

Connor's Chicken and Waffles - Offers three incredible sauces poured over chicken and waffles. Ultimate comfort food!

Crab Paste
Crab Paste by Native Gourmet

Native Gourmet - Offers delicious crab paste that is oozing with seafood goodness!

Katsu and Teriyaki Maki
Katsu and Teriyaki Maki - Katsu House

Katsu House - Offers maki rolls and katsus that we commonly love!

Crazy Bao
Crazy Bao by Don Bao

Don Bao - Offers innovated buns or bao to capture newer flavors

Beef Randang Java
Beef Randang Java by Bakmi Nyonya

Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay)
Chicken Satay of Bakmi Nyonya

Bakmi Nyonya - Offers Indonesian dishes with slight alterations to fit the Filipino buds

Charlie's Pritchon
Charlie's Pritchon

Pritchon with Pita Bread
Charlie's Pritchon

Charlie's Pritchon - Offers fried lechon or pritchon wrapped with a pita bread

Bula Long Bao and Tablea Xiao Long Bao
Bula Long Bao and Tablea Xiao Long Bao by Sabaw Dumplings

Sabaw Dumplings - Offers fusion of Filipino and Chinese cuisines with its Bulalo and Tablea Xiao Long Bao

OhGK! Drink
OhGK! Drink

OhGK! - Offers natural and healthy oregano drink that is mixed with ginger, honey and calamsi. Plus, you'll be supporting local communities and farmers

Savory Balut Buns
Balut Buns of Make Peace Bakery

Make Peace Bakery - Offers new concept of savory Filipino desserts such as the Balut Buns

Financiers by CINQ

CINQ - Offers adorably packed delicate pastries and Earl Grey Turtles

Bibingka Cheesecake
Santa Cruz Bibingka Cheese Cake - Ted's
Santa Cruz Bibingka Cheese Cake - Ted's

Ted's Resto - Offers one of the very unique cheesecake concept. Impressively delicious!

Tablea Chocolate Ice Cream
Tablea Chocolate Ice Cream of Karabella

Karabella - Offers refreshing ice cream made of fresh local carabao's milk

Other food vendors with which I either failed to try or snap photos of - Oink Oink Lechon Bagnet, Juan Cholo, Lotus Vu, JAM Foods, Antojos, Puto ni Papa, Make Peace Bakery and First Harvest

Finally, here's my honest rating of dishes It tried from the food vendors. Let's share our insights, please do drop your comments below.

It was totally a blast during this year's Ultimate Taste Test Pro Edition, all the vendors have something unique to offer. It may be too early, but let's begin the countdown for the next UTT in 2018. I'm sure we are in for a surprise! To get continuous updates, you can follow this blog or UTT's official Facebook page at
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