Pizza Grigliata Manila - Best Winning Homemade Pizzas

Pizza Grigliata Manila - Best Homemade Pizza

Pizza Grigliata Manila is one of the food vendors during the recently concluded Ultimate Taste Test (UTT) Pro-Edition 2017. It won the hearts of foodies which is why it was hailed as the Ultimate Taste Test Champion. Learn more about it here!

Pizza Grigliata Manila - Menu

About  Pizza Grigliata Manila 
Pizza Grigliata Manila is a grilled artisanal pizza that uses fresh flavors and hand made thin crust pizza dough. They usually pop up in places such as bazaars and other foodie events*, but just in case you can't get hold of your cravings, they are available for your events.

*Currently they have a small stall in The Podium Mall. Catch the winning goodness there!

The Prosciuto Arugula Pizza (P380) had a fantastic combination of flavors -- from the crust to the fresh toppings on top. One bite just bursts with rightly salty tang mixed with herby goodness!

Getting caught off guard with an incredible taste
All foodies were caught by surprise by how amazing the pizzas served by Pizza Grigliata Manila was. The thinness and subtle flavor of the crust allows you to focus on the sheer goodness of the toppings on top. It was incredible, and personally, this was my #1 favorite during the Ultimate Taste Test 2017 (read more).

Although not very impressive when it comes to appearance, the Bianca Quatro Formaggi (P300) has this harmoniously potent blend of cheese. The crust infused with squid ink just balances everything.
Bianca Quatro Formaggi of Pizza Grigliata Manila

The Margherita is an example of exquisite classic! The sweetness of the fresh tomatoes just finds it way to your palate mixed with a dash of flavors from the herb and cheese

The honey chili sauce was a total gift from above. It further enhances the pizza with its luscious sweetness and subtle kick. Hands down!
Honey chili sauce of Pizza Grigliata Manila

Yeah, we are not kidding about this. It's actually fantastic, and foodies already gave out their word. Don't get left behind.

You can learn more about Pizza Grigliata Manila by checking out its Facebook Page: PizzaGrigliata.Manila. Grab a bite, and give into its deep goodness!
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