OhGK!'s All Natural Healthy Drink made with Oregano

OhGK!'s All Natural Healthy Drink made with Oregano

OhGK! is another innovation from the GK Enchanted Farm which previously gave us the refreshing Bayani Brew (read more). This time it utilized a rather unusual ingredient for a day-to-day drink -- oregano.

OhGK! Drink - Oregano, Honey, Calamansi and Ginger

What's with OhGK?
OhGK! was introduced to me during the recently concluded Ultimate Taste Test 2017 (read more) held in Glorietta Activity Center. OhGK is made up of four (4) primary ingredients + water of course (strictly speaking):
  1. Oregano
  2. Ginger
  3. Honey
  4. Calamansi 
The combination of these natural ingredients produces a refreshing tasty drink that has a soothing sensation after each gulp. The health benefits of these ingredients will surely provide energy to the body, and possible immunity to illnesses.

The appearance is similar to that of a light iced tea, which made it inviting, but it was the taste that captivated me. I love herbs, not only because of the immense natural flavor, but as well as their health benefits. This is why I loved my OhGK drink!

Currently, I am unsure as to where we can avail this. I am not yet seeing bottles like this in convenience stores. Soon, perhaps? 

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