Little Owl Restaurant by Lola Group in Quezon City

Little Owl is a new restaurant concept of the group who gave us Lola Cafe + Bar and Liberty Kitchen + Brew. It's inspired by an owl's "nest", which explains the name. Dishes offered here are the usual comfort dishes but with signature twists as expected from the creative chefs of the group.

Owl's nest concept restaurant - Little Owl

Owl's home as an inspiration
The concept of this restaurant is drawn from how an owl's nest is, which is why the interior is mostly filled up with natural elements. The presence of glass windows allows the natural light to bright up the place, while the meticulously picked decor and furniture retain the organic carefree vibe.

Interior of Little Owl, Lola Group
Interior of Little Owl Restaurant in Quezon City

Lean menu with a twist
Since Little Owl is still in its soft opening as of this writing, the menu is pretty much limited. You'll encounter a few selection of familiar dishes (such as grilled cheese sandwich, bolognese and etc.) but made exciting with a few twists.

The Banana Strawberry Smoothie (P160) comforts as you indulge yourself in your thoughts. 
Banana Strawberry Smoothie of Little Owl Restaurant

Coffee from Toby's Estate
Another special thing about Little Owl is that the coffee they are serving comes from Toby's Estate, ensuring good taste and quality to help you just unload your thoughts.

Flat White Coffee (P150)
Little Owl - Toby's Estate Flat White Coffee

Iced Latte (P150)
Little Owl - Toby's Estate Iced Latte

The Caesar Salad (P285) fits in with the "out-of-the-box" concept of Little Owl, especially with the uniqueness in how it was served. 

Caesar Salad of Little Owl Restaurant

The Mushroom Tartine featured a fresh and organic taste with the right pesto touch. This was further accented by the distinct flavors from the mushrooms. Overall, it was playful with its fluffiness and variety in texture.
Mushroom Tartine of Little Owl Restaurant

The Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P220) is a perfect treat for cheese-lovers, but what really made this extra special was the candied fruits that added a perky jolt with its sweetness.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Chicken Burger combines waffles (as the bun) and fried chicken (as the patty) to make the "burger". It featured great frying technique with how the chicken was so crispy and tasty. The mayo used in the creamy coleslaw had this rich sourness that added magic to the dish.
Chicken Burger using Waffles

The Wild Mushroom pasta was relatively ordinary compared to earlier dishes. It had a greasy feel adding a "fatty" flavor to the rightly seasoned tomato sauce.
Wild Mushroom Pasta of Little Owl

The Thick Cut Bacon Steak (P365) has a sweet glaze on top from the crystallized apple marinade. This gives character to the steak bringing out a rich flavor. It's also ideally salted with just the right level of tenderness. It's definitely a meatful-mouthful! 
Thick Cut Bacon Steak of Little Owl Restaurant

The Cheesecake has a lemony taste that goes with its almost-undercooked-but-it's-not creaminess. Definitely a must-try, but you should need to be careful with its steep "sawa-factor". 
Cheesecake Dessert of Little Owl Restaurant

Little Owl - Overall Summary

Budget: at least P260 each for a personal salad or wrap
No. of visits for this particular restaurant/branch - 1 || Date of last visit - January 21, 2017

In a nutshell, Little Owl qualifies as a great place to just chill on a weekend (or weekday too). You'll enjoy the fresh natural ambiance that will go perfectly well with their carefully curated dishes. If you plan to just unwind in the city without the need to travel and spend much, Little Owl would be fantastic choice!

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Little Owl
Location: Broadway Ave, New Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Mon - Sat); 9:00 AM to 10:00 (Sun)
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