Fatburger and Buffalo's World Famous Wings in Manila

Fatburger and Buffalo's World Famous Wings in Manila

Here's some great news despite all the negativities floating around the cyberspace. Famous Southern California burger and wings joint, Fatburger and Buffalo's has finally arrived in the Philippines! Check out why this is something you may want to try!

FATBURGER Interior in Metro Manila, Philippines

A brief background about the restaurant
Fatburger was founded in California with the idea of providing huge burgers that will be a meal in itself. All the meals are cooked on demand, which made them distinguished from other burger joints. In 2013, Fatburger acquired Buffalo's Cafe which serves wings and etc. This is why it became Fatburger and Buffalo's altogether. With the mission of spreading the love for great burgers, Fatburger decided to expand, and right now, the Philippine food scene is being graced by this latest burger joint.

Fatburger in Glorietta Complex, Makati

Casual interior with a vintage touch
The interior of Fatburger combines both modern and vintage elements making it appear like you are transcending both the past and the present. The Fat-bar features modern set-up, while some parts of the dining area will make you feel like you are in the 70s. Although I may be wrong with my reference, the vintage feel added good variation to the ambiance.

Fat-bar of Fatburger and Buffalo's in Makati City

Californian comfort food with soul
Fatburger offers a full line of Burgers, Angus beef Hotdogs, Buffalo Chicken, sides, salads, and sandwiches— everything going well with hand-scooped milkshakes, as well as onion rings or fries on the side. Luckily, we were given the opportunity to sample some, so permit me to share 'em with you.

Wings, burgers and hotdogs in Fatburger

Real Ice Cream Milkshake || P195
Flavors to choose from - Vanilla, chocolate, cookies & cream and strawberry
FATBURGER Real Ice Cream Milkshakes
FATBURGER Real Ice Cream Milkshakes

The Cookies & Cream and Strawberry milkshakes were both immensely thick and heavenly, and the kid in me suddenly burst out of life. For cookie lovers, you should definitely go for the Cookies and Cream, and those who like the refreshing tang of berry, you can pick the other one.

Buffalo Wings || P175 - Taster 
Red hot ranch (left) and lemon pepper (right)
Buffalo Wings of FATBURGER

Although I am not used to having my wings served on a stainless bowl, the buffalo wings offered interesting flavors. The red hot ranch wings were creamy with a subtle hotness, while the lemon pepper were savory.

Premium Angus Fatdog || P165
Mustard, ketchup, onion and relish
Premium Angus Fatdog

The hotdog meat was bursting with flavors due to its juiciness, and even if I am not a huge fan of hot dogs, I was able to appreciate this one.

The Fatburger Original (1/4 lbs) || P195 + P50 for Bleu Cheese

Now, for the main thing -- the burgers! What we first had was the Fatburger Original with an add-on of bleu cheese, and I'm telling you it's the bomb! The tenderness and marbly texture of the patty massages the buds, and the bleu cheese provides a good jolt.

The Fatburger Double (1/2 lbs) || P295 + P30 for American Cheddar

This Fatburger Double indeed doubles the goodness of the burger. If you are in a mood to chomp the stress away, you may want to go for the double. For this, we had an add-on of american cheddar which provided more strength in terms of saltiness. However, in our opinion, we enjoyed the bleu cheese more as we feel like they are a better match.

Fatburger and Buffalo's - Overall Summary

Budget: at least P300 each for a moderate dining experience for a group of at least 4

Fatburger and Buffalo's is here to satisfy your cravings for some Californian delights. If you are in a mood for some tender and tasty burgers, you are in a treat here in the resto. Also, the milkshakes are truly heavenly, and I'm urging you to give them a try. For more information about the restaurant you may visit www.fatburger.com/philippines.

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Fatburger and Buffalo's
Location: Ground Floor,  Palm Drive (beside GUESS), Glorietta Complex, Makati City
Service Charge: NONE
Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 12:00 MN daily
Credit cards are accepted
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