Pablo Cheesecake is Finally Coming to Manila!

Pablo Cheesecake is Finally Coming to Manila!

We foodies have all the right to panic and be excited about the arrival of Pablo Cheesecake here in Manila! Yes, our dream of tasting that gooey, dreamy, creamy and cheesy creation is finally coming true. The people behind Pablo Philippines have announced that the branch in Robinsons Manila is opening up this September 14, 2016. That's only less than a month from now.

I'm beginning to be all fidgety when I learned about this, and I can't contain my excitement! Since, I'm already at it, I just want share my first Pablo encounter when I had my vacation in Japan.

Pablo Cheesecake in Japan

Learning About Pablo
I first heard about Pablo when one of my friends shared a tantalizing video of how Pablo cheesecakes are made, and right then, I made a promise to myself to try it out when I visit Japan. This is not the exact video I watched, but it's basically the same thing.

It's just heavenly!!! Okay. Relax Renz. Relax. Breathe in. Breathe out.

People Lining Up for Pablo Cheesecake in Japan

Okay, let's fast forward to the moment I finally traveled to Japan.

Due to its popularity both for the locals and tourists, there was a long queue when I visited this branch in Shibuya, Tokyo. Surprisingly, I just needed to wait for about 15 minutes, since I was only ordering on-the-go. However, if in case I decided to dine in, I needed to wait far more than that.

Stamping Pablo Cheesecake

The Pablo experience was superb! You'll be greeted with enthusiasm. It's also fun how the staff softly says "Pablo" in unison once in a while. It was adorable!

Pablo Cheesecake Minis

The Cheesecake Excellence
When I had my hands on the Pablo mini, I immediately took it out from the paper bag as if I had been deprived of food for a long time. In the Pokemon world, you would say that "a wild PG appeared". When the pastry and filling both met my lips, I melted. It was a heavenly experience!

Pablo Cheesecake Minis

This is why when I learned that Pablo is coming to the Philippines, I lost my mind! It has been a long wait already, and I don't think I can't wait even further until September 14, 2016! However, I am left with no choice but to retain my composure.

A Not-So-Popular Kid in Pablo (Cheesecake)

Soon enough, I will unleash the inner Pidgey within me again. 'Til next time my fellow foodies! 
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