Level Up Your Recipes with Bibbo Cheesedog

Level Up Your Recipes with Bibbo Cheesedog

Hey there foodie friend! If you happen to be responsible for preparing food for yourself and/or others, you may want to level up your recipes with Bibbo Cheesdog! Well, I happened to receive these goodies, and immediately, I asked my mom to incorporate the cheesedog to what she will prepare for the following day. Luckily, I have a mom who is ever so supportive, so she agreed!

Bibbo Cheesedog Kiddie Baon Set

The Bibbo Cheesedog came with these adorable kiddie baon set, and I'm very much excited to use. Yeah, perhaps, that's the kid in me kicking in. Also, it's just right timing because in the "field" where I currently work in, I can't bring in paper bags.

Bibbo Cheesedog Kiddie Baon Set

Anyway, as promised, the next day I woke up, I saw this on the table, so I immediately snapped a photo, then helped myself with it.

Simplified Cheesedog Roll
Bibbo Cheesedog Wrapped with Flattened Bread

This is an easy recipe of my mom wherein she flattened a loaf bread, rolled it together with the sliced cheesedog, dipped it in egg batter, then toasted it in the oven. It was simple yet great!

Then, during lunch, I was surprised that my mom still went further by Bibbofying our Menudo! Check this one out!

Cooking Menudo with Bibbo Cheesedog

The Bibbo Cheesedog gave more life to the dish by providing it color. Plus the meaty and cheesy taste went well with the sauce of Menudo!

Menudo with Bibbo Cheesedog

So there, hopefully by perking your dishes with Bibbo Cheesedog, you can unleash the inner kid in us!
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