Modern Japanese Cuisine in Nobu Restaurant, City of Dreams

Modern Japanese Cuisine in Nobu Restaurant, City of Dreams

Nobu instantly became one of the culinary attractions in the City of Dreams when it first opened up its door for us Filipinos. Everyone got thrilled to check out the dishes, and those who did didn’t get disappointed (that is as per my friends’ insights and opinions). Now, Nobu is making another round of surprises as it begins to offer weekly brunch buffets of modern Japanese cuisine and other dishes with both Japanese and Filipino touches. Interestingly, the offerings changes weekly as well, so there is constantly something to look forward to here in Nobu.

Nobu Restaurant in City of Dreams - Interior

Even if it was expected of me as a blogger to have tried dining in Nobu, I haven’t really done so until I was given the opportunity to try out the brunch here in Nobu Restaurant. In this blog post, I am going to share with you our dining experience.

By the way, you can catch Nobu's brunch every Sundays from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.

Nobu Philippines

Nobu Manila - a celebrity-inspired restaurant
The interior of Nobu Manila combines the calming elements attributable to the Japanese air while mixing them with modern touches. Nobu brags its restaurant as being celebrity-inspired. Honestly, I don't know what that means, but somehow I have a faint idea because it seems to show via the beauty of the interior.

Beautiful interior of Nobu Manila

As for the food, there is a wide range of interesting dishes to choose from. However, the spotlight is of course given to our usual favorites -- the wonderfully curated sushi and sahimi! There are a handful to choose from, so let me provide a sneak peek for you.

Tuna Sashimi of Nobu Manila

The tuna sashimi just shimmers brightly, and it's undoubtedly tantalizing.

Chef preparing sushi in Nobu Restaurant

The chef puts determination as he crafts the uni appetizer (photo of the dish shown below).

Uni appetizer in Nobu Restaurant

Freshness abounds here in the the uni appetizer dish as the meat tickles your mouth as it melts. Another interesting appetizer would be this salmon drenched in a special refreshing sauce that was lightly sweet.

Salmon appetizer dish of Nobu Restaurant

Unfortunately, I'm not good with names, but do try this out when you spot this on the buffet spread. If you are bold in terms of eating raw seafood, you will definitely enjoy helping yourself with the oysters here.

Fresh oysters in Nobu Restuarant, City of Dreams

The traditional favorites are here as well as such as the tuna and salmon; however, there are others as well such as the mackerel.

Tuna sashimi of Nobu Restaurant
Fresh sashimi in Nobu Restaurant

Sushi is another fine option if you want to go a little lighter on the raw, but still, you'll experience the same freshness and goodness.

Salmon sushi in Nobu Restaurant

Plus, you will come across very interesting choices such as this one.

Sushi in Nobu Restaurant Manila
Sushi rolls in Nobu Restaurant

During this visit, we also witnessed the cutting of the tuna fish, which was entertaining.

Chef Nobu of Nobu Restaurant

In case you are not a big fan of sashimi and other raw dishes, you may want to go for the salads or the sobas available.

Soba of Nobu Restaurant

Drinks such as juices and mocktails are inclusive in the buffet price. This adds up to the dining experience here in Nobu Restaurant.

Fresh mocktails of Nobu Restaurant Brunch

If your day will not be complete with protein, you can do so here via the Grilling Station.

Grilling Station of Nobu Restaurant

You can have various types of yakitoris and other skewered meat cooked on demand, ensuring great temperature and quality.

Yakitori in Nobu Restaurant

One of the things you should look forward to is the chicken skin; however, it runs out quickly due to its popularity. Fret not, because they get replenished quickly as well.

Cooking Yakitori of Nobu Restaurant

There are still other Japanese dishes you can enjoy here during the brunch buffet. One example would be this okonomiyaki which I found really delicious and authentic.

Okonomiyaki of Nobu Restaurant

Another superstar during this brunch buffet was the Nobu Lechon. It mixes up both Japanese and Filipino flavors to come up with this festive lechon.

Nobu Lechon

The Dessert Section
The dessert section has a lean selection, but all the good ones are present on the spread. You can either go for the decadent cakes.

...or lighter desserts such as this Tonka Creme Brulee.

 Tonka Creme Brulee

...or this more delicate sweet treat called Mango Lychee Tower.

Mango Lychee Tower

Now, if you can't really can't enough of chocolates or something really sweet, you may want to check out these assorted truffle chocolates.

Assorted truffle chocolates in Nobu

Of course, we often save the best for last, so here's my most favorite dessert in the collection. It's definitely yummy with all the oozing chocolate. It's nothing but the lava cake. On top of that, you can make your cake more specially by adding a scoop of ice cream of your choice.

Lava Cake of Nobu Restaurant

We've almost reached the end of this blog post, so let me just share with you the awesome people behind the restaurant here in Nobu Manila.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa in Nobu Restaurant

Nobu Restaurant - Overall Summary

Overall, the dining experience here in Nobu was certainly something noteworthy due to the fine ambiance and deliciously fresh food. Those who are into Japanese cuisine will certainly take pleasure checking out the brunch here in Nobu.

The Nobu Sunday Brunch Buffet is offered at P2,880++, inclusive of sodas, juices, mocktails, coffee and tea. For a more bubbly experience, diners may opt to have the brunch with free flow Moet & Chandon, a selection of Champagne cocktails, Bloody Marys, Mojitos, wines and beer, at P4,580++. The brunch is prices at 50% off for ages six to 12 years old, and no charge for kids 5 years old and under.

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Nobu Manila
Location: City of Dreams Manila, Entertainment City, Paranaque
Reservation No.: (02) 800 8080
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