The Homey Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet in Manhattan, Cubao

The Homey Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet in Manhattan, Cubao

After achieving success with its first Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet, the Vikings Group decided to share the love of healthy food by opening up its Second branch in Manhattan, Cubao. Now, you have an access to a healthy yet affordable buffet in the area, and it was truly a blessing to receive an invitation from them for me to check this place out.

Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet in Manhattan, Cubao

Celebrating "family and home" in Four Seasons Hotpot City
The interior is quite charming with its homey allure. Each corner is just picture-perfect allowing you to just relax as you enjoy a festive dining experience.

Reception area of Four Seasons Manhattan

It isn't surprising to know that a lot of families choose this place for celebrations such as birthdays, Mother's Day, graduation and etc. Well, why not, right? Plus, they have private rooms you may avail free of charge as long as you reach the minimum pax (number of guests) required.

Interior of Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet in Manhattan, Cubao

Same with the first ever branch in Mall of Asia, this one in Manhattan Cubao has an organic gardeny feel which is in-line with the healthy dishes you will experience here. If you want to read more about the branch in MOA, you may check out htis article - Four Seasons in SM MOA By the Bay (read more)

Four Seasons Buffet Rates/Prices

Weekday Lunch
Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P188
Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P288
Adults || P688

    Weekday Dinner
    Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P388
    Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P588
    Adults || P888

      Weekend & Holiday Lunch and Dinner
      Kids between 3ft to 4ft || P388
      Kids between 4ft to 4.5ft || P588
      Adults || P888
        Kids below 3 feet are FREE of charge!

        Now, let's check out the sections of the buffet area here in Four Seasons. Just don't ogle too much because you might untimely feel hungry.

        Interior of Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet in Manhattan, Cubao

        Let's begin with the salad and appetizer section, which is very much innovative in how they were presented as some of the salads are found inside a glass.

        Collection of appetizers in Four Seasons

        Now, if we explore further, you'll come across this array of vegetables which you may select from for your hotpot concoction.

        Vegetables in Hotpot City Buffet in Manhattan, Cubao

        You can also find this Sliced Meat Section for more of your appetizers. Small dishes you can find here include beef chuck eye roll, beef striploin, beef shortplate, pork neck, pork belly and lamb.

        There are also other bite-sized appetizers which you may find here including the one found below and of course our usual favorites -- sushi and sashimi!

        The sushi roll shown below is just one of the handful of choices here. Again, if you want to check out a more complete overview of selections in Four Seasons, you may want to check out my blog post on the SM Mall of Asia branch (read more).

        Sushi Roll in Four Season Hotpot City

        Similar with Vikings, there are numerous drinks to choose from. You can get super charged with the tea-infused drinks. Or you can sweeten up your day with the classic milk tea, milo slush drink and etc.

        Drink selection in Four Seasons Hotpot City Buffet

        Alright, so of course, this restaurant won't be named as such if you will not find any hotpot. This is the star here, and your creativity, together with the ingredients available, is what defines the deliciousness of your hotpot! Hence, just mix-and-match until you get the perfect combination.

        Now, the fun does't stop there! You can enjoy a bunch of grillables here through this section, and each of them will be prepared on demand to guarantee great quality and food temperature.

        Grill Section of Four Seasons Hotpot City

        Let us take a quick peek of what you have for grilling!

        Uncooked Skewered Chicken

        Now, if grilling is too "tame" for you, Four Seasons also got some roasted meat you can enjoy!

        Roasted beef in Four Seasons

        You find here pork, chicken and beef -- all of them interesting enough to indulge on. Plus, you can select from about 4 sauces to go with your chosen roasted meat.

        Roast chicken in Four Seasons

        Now, to conclude your dining experience, you may focus your attention on the dessert section (which unfortunately, may not be as expansive as the Vikings restaurants). However, you can still find decent to great desserts in this section.

        There are some quick bite desserts you can find such as cakes, panna cotta , mousse and etc. Now, if you have bigger sweet tooth, you may go for some ice cream, crepe and frozen yogurt.

        Now, if you want to be patriotic in terms of celebrating Filipino desserts, you can do so here by having the puto bumbong, taho and bibingka!

        Well, there you go! I hope you found this blog post helpful, and let me just share this photo with us as we celebrate Mothers' Day at the same time.

        A Not-So-Popular Kid in Four Seasons Hotpot City, Cubao

        Four Seasons - Overall Summary
        Overall, I would say that this branch is something you may want to check out. Among all considerations, it's really the ambiance and the homey feel that makes this place really amazing. Now, as mentioned, the desserts may not be festive as Vikings, so if you are more of a dessert person, you may want to check out Vikings as well as the things you may see there.

        Four Seasons Hotpot City
        Location: Ground Floor, Manhattan Parkview, General Roxas Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila

        Contact No.: (02) 932 7777 (reservation is highly encouraged)

        Service Charge: 5% before VAT
        Store Hours: 11:00 am - 2:30 pm and 5:00 - 10:00 pm
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