S&R's April Cool Finds to Beat the Heat this Summer

S&R's April Cool Finds to Beat the Heat this Summer

It feels like the heat is getting more intense each day, and I know you are exhausting all the possible options just to cool you off. Well, don't worry, I am guilty of it too. The good news is S&R is bringing out additional ways for us to beat the heat this summer! Join me as we explore these great finds.

Alright, go grab some ice cubes and pour on some Arizona Half & Half Iced Tea Lemonade (P169.95), previously priced at P199.95. I started becoming a fan of Arizona when I first had the chance to try the Green Tea with Ginseng. This is another interesting drink of the same manufacturer.

 Arizona Half & Half Iced Tea Lemonade

Well, I know some of you may not find "sugary" drinks appealing, and you probably want a healthier alternative. Don't worry, S&R still got it all covered with its Happy Squeeze Fruit & Veggie Twist - 12 pieces of 3.5 oz each (P529.95), previously P100 more expensive.

Happy Squeeze Fruit & Veggie Twist - 12 pieces of 3.5 oz each

To make any of your drinks cooler both in a literal and figurative sense, you may want to enjoy zipping them from this Rove Icy Tumbler 30oz (Buy 1 Take 1 at P349.95). Your drink takes a spiral turn before touching your lips and providing that cooling sensation!

Rove Icy Tumbler 30oz (Buy 1 Take 1 at P349.95)

Now, if drinks are not enough to cool you off, you may want to store some Melona Ice Drops (P189.95 for 8 pieces) inside your fridge.

Melona Ice Drop - Melon

You can either go for the Melon or the Strawberry flavor. Now, if we do the math, each drop will only cost you P23.75 each.

Melona Ice Drop - Strawberry

I understand that some of us prefer ice cream over ice drop, and S&R again never runs out of something to offer. In fact, right now, there is an ongoing limited promo wherein you can buy 2 one-pint of Hiland Ice Cream (of any flavors available) for only P199.95. Yes, it's total madness because the regular price of one pint is P199.95. Hence, I suggest you store lots of these!

Hiland Ice Cream - 1 Pint

Also, remember the tumbler a while ago? Well, why now make a milkshake out of this ice cream and pour it in the tumbler. For sure, that will be a great way to battle the heat in a delicious manner! To make things more interesting, you may even mix some Hershey's spreads (P189.95), previously priced at P219.95, in your milkshake.

Hershey's Spreads

If not, you may just want to enjoy it as it is, or spread it on your toast.

With all the cool finds I explored, I'm all confused as to what to pick among them. Now, why don't you help me out and share what you think of these interesting offers and promos here in S&R?

Alright, thanks for dropping by, and make sure to run to an S&R store nearest you to avail of the promo. You don't want to miss all the price cuts and the buy 1 take 1 promos.
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