Ramen Kuroda - Must-Try Affordable Ramen at P180

Ramen Kuroda - Must-Try Affordable Ramen Collection

Whenever I go to Lucky Chinatown Mall, I always have the dilemma of finding a good place to eat. It just feels like there is nothing too worthy to explore. However, I'm seeing tiny sparks of hope when Nadai Fujisoba came into life, as well as this ramen place called Ramen Kuroda.

I first got to try Nadai Fujisoba some months back, since I was discouraged by the reviews of Ramen Kuroda, but just recently I finally got the opportunity to give the latter a try, and it was all worth it! Here

Ramen Kuroda Interior

The interior of Ramen Kuroda is very modest, and it may in fact be "too simple". This I believe puts something in the air that influences your view on the food. In short, the overt simplicity has become pervasive enough to negatively influence the dining experience. I'm guessing that this is one of the primary sources why the restaurant is being rated low.

However, despite this, I still looked forward to the ramen, and just set aside the slight uneasiness here in Ramen Kuroda.

Ramen Kuroda in Lucky Chinatown Mall

During our visit, we were informed that we can select from the affordable set menu. Well, I tried doing the math, and indeed, we can "save" about 10% when we go for any of the ramen set. Hence, we ordered 2 of different sets and a separate ramen bowl (so that I can feature all the 3 flavors).

Ramen Tonkatsu Set || P360
Ramen (any variant), tonkatsu, rice and fresh fruits
 Ramen Tonkatsu Set of Ramen Kuroda

The tonkatsu component of the set was nice with its satisfactory crispiness. Unfortunately, it was not as visually enticing as the one showed in the photo, but the taste was above decent.

Ramen Teriyaki Chicken Don Set || P340
Ramen (any variant), teriyaki chicken don, fresh fruits
 Ramen Teriyaki Chicken Don Set

The Teriyaki Chicken Don was considerably ordinary. Nothing too much will really get your attention with this one. Hence, with this, I am came up with the observation that maybe, what you really need to try here are the ramen bowls, and nothing much besides these.

Shiro Ramen || P180 
Shiro Ramen of Kuroda

The shiro ramen was the "basic" ramen here in Kuroda. It got this fine tasty broth with the legit fatty essence making the flavor "malinamnam". Also, the noodles were cooked right (i.e. satisfyingly firm) that fits well with the flavor of the broth.

Aka Ramen || P180 
Aka Ramen of Kuroda

This ramen has this tamed spiciness added to it. Each sip will bring in adventurous goodness that is both tasty and fun!

Kuro Ramen || P180
Kuro Ramen of Kuroda

The Kuro Ramen had the same goodness of the shiro ramen, but the difference was the distinct garlicky flavor that hit the right spots of your buds.

Ramen Kuroda - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Place ★★
Taste  ★★
Service  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: P200 for a personal bowl of satisfying ramen

I don't know why people don't rate this well, but honestly the ramen in this restaurant deserves your attention considering the price range. Although I'm thinking that maybe I enjoyed our experience because I lowered my expectations upon reading other people's review. However, I have this gut feeling that it really is great here. In fact, I will be dropping by this place again whenever I crave for a ramen. On top of all, my wallet does not need to shed just to satisfy my craving.

For me, this is how ramen should be -- affordable yet delicious!

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Ramen Kuroda
Location: Third Floor, Lucky Chinatown Mall, Binondo, Manila
Contact No.: N/A
Service Charge: 5% on price
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