Gourmet Burgers for less than P150 in The Grub, Ortigas

Gourmet Burgers at The Grub

Who says good burgers need to be expensive? Well, here in The Grub where I was given an opportunity to personally try their burger out, the price ranges only from P80 to P145. Here in this blog post, you'll learn why the burgers here are not only mura but also sulit.

The Grub Stall in Ortigas

The Grub - a humble burger store
Standing humbly on the ground floor of Pearl Plaza, The Grub claims to be serving 100% pure beef patties that are homemade. The cheapest you'll find here is the original quarter pounder at P80.

Homemade beef patties of The Grub

Quarter Pounder || P80+ (the plus depends on the extras you'll choose)
Quarter Pounder of The Grub

If you are feeling hungry, you can upgrade this to a Half Pounder (P140). That will surely keep your tummy happy and bloated for a while.

Now, if you want to try something a little unusual, you may want to go for the gourmet burgers.

Jalapeno Mozza Crunch || P130
Quarter pound patty + jalapeno + potato chips + melted mozzarella cheese + tomatoes + onions + lettuce + dressing
Jalapeno Mozza Crunch of The Grub

This burger featured a flavorful beefy taste made more interesting with the cheesiness (and "stretchiness") as well as the playful kick brought by the jalapenos. It's really a good deal!

French Revolution || P110 
Quarter pound patty + caramelized onions + potato chips + cheese + lettuce + rosemary aioli/ sriracha mayo
French Revolution Best Seller Burger of The Grub

The French Revolution was another very interesting gourmet burger here in The Grub. It had this very tasty aioli/sriracha mayo that drove me a little crazy. The adventure was made even sweeter with the caramelized onions! The overall blend of flavors was just amazing!

The Grub Homemade Iced Tea

Aside from the burgers, The Grub is also known for its homemade iced tea, which had this balanced level of sweetness. It sort of reminded me of Bayani Brew's very own concoction. It was good and it paired well with the burgers.

The Grub Summary

Budget: at least P80 for a quarter pounder burger

The burgers here in The Grub were generally amazing due to the richness in taste of the patty. However, I believe that the potential can be made even more significant if they can improve on the tenderness of the patty. I would love to feel the juiciness in each bite, and once they become successful in doing so, I have confidence that this burger joint will reach far.

By the way, watch out for the comeback of The Grub in the Taft area (near DLSU). I'll keep you posted, so I do hope you subscribe here in this blog and follow us on Facebook!

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The Grub
Location: Ground Floor, 8101 Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas, Pasig City
Operating Hours: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM except Sundays
Contact No.: +63 9298832425
Service Charge: None

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