S&R's January Healthy Eats - Cereals, Beverages and More!

January Finds in S&R Healthy Eats

Time is indeed flying too fast, as we are now almost over with January, but just before the month ends, you need to check out these great deals to continuously be on the right track for your 2016 Healthier-You Goal.

Let's begin with these fruity choices that you may munch on for your breakfast and snack. If you want a lighter healthier snack, the Chia seeds will be good for you. If you want a moderately filling meal, you may either go for the  Kellogg's Raisin Bran (P479.95) or Raley's Frosted Fruit Rolls/ Coco Krunch Cereal (P252.95). Now if you want to have healthier yet more filling meal, you may want to go for the Raley's Old-Fashioned Oats (P172.95).

S&R Healthier Finds for 2016

For your drinks, you may continue on with being healthy with either the Del Monte Acai Blueberry (P319.90) or Prune Juice (P329.90). If you want a good boost to provide you energy for the day, you may want to get it from the Monster energy drinks.

Healthy Drinks of S&R Member Shopping

Since you already have a good boost of energy, why don't you use it to catch these hot buys? It's only up to the end of January, so you may want to really hurry up. Don't worry because you still have both Saturday and Sunday for your grocery shopping!

What I am eyeing for are the two types of cheese below. I can almost taste it just by looking at these photos. *stomach growling*

There you go my dear foodies! Let's all continue being healthy, so we can have more of our "cheat days". #loveSnR
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