Oddies Foodies Famous Ice Cream, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Oddies Foodies Famous Ice Cream, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

In Wan Chai of Hong Kong, there is this extremely popular humble store that sells wonderfully crafted ice cream. It goes by the name Oddies (sometimes Oddies Foodies). It was timely because we really wanted to have some desserts at that time. Also, since we were already in the area at that time, we decided to check it out and grab something to eat. Here in this blog post  we will explore more about this place and see whether the desserts are really that good.

It states in the Open Rice page that Oddies is a Cantonese-style desserts place wherein the owner is a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu in France. The place is known for its egg waffle ice-cream.

Oddies Menu - Prices - Hong Kong

When we saw the menu, we were slightly taken a back. The famous egg waffle desserts are priced above HKD50. That's the price of the full meal I had in Cafe de Coral (read more). Still, we really got more curious about it, so decided to go for one.

Oddies Foodies Famous Ice Cream in Hong Kong

During that time, the booth was undermanned, in such a way that the cashier is also the one preparing the desserts. Hence, it took us about 10 minutes before having our ice cream ready. By the way, if you will notice the photo above, Oddies is just a small booth where you order for take away.

Anyway, here's the dessert we had - The Mob!

The Mob || HKD55 or approx. P333
Black sesame mochi eggettes, served with Italian low fat milk gelato, apple yuzu jelly, homemade matcha ice cream, citrus crunchy flakes and drizzled with rich matcha sauce
The Mob of Oddies Foodies Ice CreamA Not-So-Popular Kid Checking out Oddies Egg Waffle Ice Cream

This dessert was something very much sweet for the palate, so I suggest that you share a cup with a friend. What I liked about this was the matcha drizzles that added complexity to the taste, and of course the egg waffle made it really interesting. On the other hand, the ice cream base was pretty much ordinary (i.e. sweet and creamy), so it's actually the set of toppings that made The Mob (and perhaps the other variant) unusual.

Oddies - Overall Ratings and Summary

Note: Unshaded stars are equivalents of half-stars. The ratings apply solely to this dining experience.
Taste  ★★
Service  ★★
Value for Money ★★
Budget: desserts starts at HKD 15 (approx P91) and may go as high as HKD56 (approx P339), yes expensive for a dessert like this

Well, I have to admit, I really love how well the dessert we had was presented. However, for me, it's not too wise to pay about HKD50 just for an ice cream, especially that we can already have great ones here at less than P100, but I guess what made the dessert here somehow special was the egg waffle on top. For me, it was its crowning glory, and without it, it could be just like "one of those desserts". Overall, I do suggest that you give this a try just for the experience, but if you don't have much budget, you don't need to check this out. Besides, it's not something to die-for.

Well, again, you might not agree with my insights, but I do love hearing from you. Do drop a comment below and share with us what you think. 

Location: 149 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Operating Hours: 1:00 PM to 10:00 PM daily except Mondays according to OpenRice (unverified)
Contact No.: +852 9551 7972 (Hong Kong)
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