J.Co Holly Jolly Holiday - Forest Glam and Iced Mocha Espresso

Foodie friends, let's us continue celebrating the Christmas season by having the newest products of J.Co - the Forest Glam!

Check out how J.Co describes this limited addition to the collection of donuts:
With J CO’s delectable donut flavors named after puns, enjoyable flavors in every cup, and newly created lifestyle concept stores, every day is indeed like Christmas.  

The brand’s everyday festivities is even taken a notch higher this season with its new irresistibly perfect gift that will make Christmas warmer and jollier. With Forest Glam donut, one can definitely feel Glamour and Glaze in their tongue. The sumptuous J CO dough is packed with Blackforest, Chocolate Flakes, and Sugar Ice glaze. Topping it off are dark, sultry cherries to balance off the sweetness. This is perfect with Iced Mocha Espresso, rich, creamy mocha goodness balanced with a smooth espresso shot.

Forest Glam is available at all J CO branches, for Php 42 each, Php 252 for half a dozen, Php 380.00 for one dozen, and Php 595.00 for two dozen

Who wouldn’t resist this delectable offering, at an affordable price, and not offered elsewhere? Whether as a snack, lunch, or pasalubong, it is indeed fun to celebrate Christmas the J CO way. 

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